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  • robbie_berger robbie_berger May 18, 2010 8:46 AM Flag

    NRGY T/A Based on FACT for 2010


    Low Trading Range
    $30.75 to $32.25

    High Trading Range
    $44.75 to $46.35

    Mark this post. Credibility is based on past performance and the ability to "speculate" equity trading ranges based on TA & DD. We can let my "forcasts" speak on my own be-half. My crystal ball is showing a 8,4 million share trim off on NRGY, let's hope the investor conf. picks up 3+ institutions. Just because I'm right 95% of the time does not mean I'm always on the money. I can be wrong sometimes. When I wa sin Omaha Warren listened .... emember that old commercial, "When EF Hutto talks????". No I am not drinking or smoking...... my portfolio is smoking though. Follow my advice below and you will do just fine. Your welcome.

    Good Trading!

    Buy GLD now and C @ $3.40 to $3.60 Trading Range and sell at $4.85 for the quick buck.

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    • "C" at $3.40 - $3.60....?? You're goofy. "C" hasn't been that low since March of this year. Once again your "crystal ball" is filled with the smoke from what you are exhaling. Stop your predictions now and go back to your padded room.

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      • Track my posts over on the C board. I hit the bullseye as if I was painting the charts myself. You will see that I was hitting on average +%300 gains in C on a 10 day average twice over a 1.5 month timeframe. I will restate this as clearly as possible. I would/will re-enter C in the $340 - $3.60 range. Cramer says to always buy 4x when entering an equity. He does mace cent$ on that strategy. I would pull the trigger with a 100% buy @ $3.50 and as always buy 2 put contracts +6 months out @ the strike of $4 for each 100 shares purchased on the trade and at the same time go out 6+ months with 5 call optins @ the strike of $4 for each 100 shares purchased. The options is where I made the quick +%300 gains on my trades. There is uncertainty in the market right now and options are your best friends in this environment. That is my bullish investment strategy for C going forward.

        Good Trading!

    • Sometimes the background noises alter the text output.

      Good Trading to you all, prosper!
      My arogance is done on purpose to gauge sentiment. I do speak the truth, read between the lines and you will rule this market and not let it rule you.

      Again, I wish for you all to thrive, not survive.
      Good Trading!