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  • norbertdt norbertdt Dec 1, 2010 12:53 PM Flag

    Cramer on NRGY

    I hope so, cause I like this stock a lot.
    I just hate when the CEO says the div is in no danger. Remember when Jeff at GE said the same thing and then cut the div.

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    • As a long term investor, I am not concerned about the dividend possibly being cut...a 10-15% cut is distinctly possible.

      But Wells Fargo and Barclays believe NRGY is consolidating for better years ahead and is positioning itself nicely although 2011 will be challenged in terms of maintaining the existing dividend.

      I would recommend those interested in MLPs like this check out Investor Village, the MLP message board, which will provide much more info than you will get here.

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      • A distribution cut is almost out of the question. Growth of the distribution may slow or even come to a halt, but I doubt very seriously that Inergy has to make any cuts. I can't believe people can get so confused over a rumor. This is a freaking strong MLP with rock solid assets and growth prospects. Anyone that thinks they are going to cut the distribution probably has looked at the DCF and coverage ratios lately.

      • I agree with you. I think they will have to adjust the dividend in 2011 and this could drive down the shares 10%. That will be a good buying opportunity.
        Many new shares issued in last year and the added income will not really arrive until 2012. So I expect that the year end quarter is going to be like 3rd quarter. Perhaps not as bad but not good.