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  • gcsimmons2001 gcsimmons2001 Aug 1, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

    why NRGY is at low for year and

    Pretty solid points for flat price at best for some time. Any holes in this analysis??

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    • Aside from him being a possible short, pumping his own stocks, and not understanding that earnings are not the key to MLP's, I would say no.

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      • Actually, I have over 1/2 million in MLPs so it would be wrong to say I do not understand them. They are very tax efficient vehicles for middle or higher income individuals.

        Ignoring my analysis with the simplistic response that "he might be a short" does not really enlighten this thread or this board as to my decision making on why this could not meet my investment threshold. If you even looked a a few of the holdings it would be evident that NRGY shares are not performing.

        My point is how long I thought this might continue. I thought there was nothing in the financial statements or the news to indicate why this company should not continue to perform the way it has for this quarter and perhaps more quarters.

        My points seem to be similar to what other potential investors are thinking except for those that are influenced by Jim Cramer and his show. Others, like myself are not impressed with the financials and performance, otherwise these shares would not be at or near the low for the year. Most of my holdings are up substantially for the year even though the economy is in the doldrums.