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  • tennvol_30736 tennvol_30736 Aug 9, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    Are we kids or adults

    We can grow more as individuals and learn something if we discuss issues rather than trade insults. Is this a stock good for the short or long term, if so, why, if not why not. Let truth prevail from reasoned argument of facts. Lets grow up not only as individuals but as a nation by examining the evidence, debating the issues like adults and let the cards fall as they may.

    1. I view NRGY as a long term hold and attractive as a relatively stable income vehicle with dividend growth potential but only in the intermediate term The changes in the IPO structure remain unclear and my knowledge of pipeline and storage is not what it should be.
    2. But I am an accountant and the numbers for the main reason I own; relative stable income/some intermediate prospects remain intact.

    3. Management has an exceptional track record.

    I welcome criticism and lets see if we can elevate this forum with intelligent discourse.

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