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  • toolatetrade toolatetrade Jan 20, 2012 7:43 AM Flag


    i for one never said a cut was coming this quarter, but the fact remains clear that nrgy is short funding with respect to DCF and will be for at least 12 months or more. the weather here in the northeast is very mild and has been for some time, this will further
    impact their ability to cover DCF going forward. the projects coming on line will not cover the short fall. nrgy may not meet the street expectations on earning and I don't see how they can given the various
    negative factors - there may be further down side pressure to at least the 20 area. i was sucked into the stock by the insider buys at 23 and change. should have done the work before diving in. looking at the chart it looked like a bottom. now we are headed to 20 it seems. Tres Palacios TX dome is under performing. the spin off of nrgy best asset class- mid stream- will help but that was a prime asset class that nrgy now has only a 75% stake in. as that spin off grows nrgy collective "assets" will be enhanced. the question is should we own an under performing pipe when others like OKE - great mid stream pipe are raising their distros and will double by 2014. i still have some shares but this will take time to turn it self around.