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  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 20, 2012 12:10 AM Flag



    Guidance can take on many forms, can it not?

    Whether it manifests in the subtle interpretive corporate nuances of a quarterly conference call...or lies hidden within the bullish sentiments of an 8-K MAT/DEF filing that may not show true bottom-line profitability for many years.

    But the most tried and true shareholder guidance is said to be insider-buying, is it not? The NRGY form 4 filings for December 2011 alone equate nearly 3X the 5-year annual average for insider buy-ins.

    What has so impossibly changed since December that is crushing this stock? Has NRGY always been so overvalued that this correction was inevitable? How could the insiders not have seen this massive correction coming? Why would they buy into it, only to bamboozle their own shareholders. Whassup w/ that?

    If insider-buying is considered best of guidance, can this BOD carry any credibility going forward? Is JJ a likely candidate for Cramer's CEO Wall of Shame? What's the "silver bullet" ending to this story?
    My condolences to all longs...


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