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  • poon_tang_kissers poon_tang_kissers Jan 27, 2012 11:54 PM Flag

    Bought at 17.20

    Me too! 4000 shares @ 17.05

    I see this back to the $22 - $23 area in a few weeks.

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    • Congrats LONGS!! We got in near the bottom!!!

    • I think your a little too optimistic. It will recover and go higher but not in your time frame.

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      • <<<It will recover and go higher but not in your time frame. >>>

        I agree with you. This thing is broke right now and there with have to be a couple of things clarify before real buying comes in to move it higher.

        First...the distribution cut has to be announced. That is, no doubt, already in the price...but it has to be announced and make sure it "fits" the current price.

        Second, earnings are going to have to bottom out and start to give a sign of improvement.

        Management must also give some confidence to the investor community. Right now, that are sucking wind and making no one feel good about buying.

        Most of these train wreck situation, like NRGY yesterday, take about three days to wash out all the sellers. 17.20 could be a good price, but I'd guess that Monday will bring in the sellers that didn't catch the news until last night. And, Tuesday may be the day to get the best deal (hopefully in the high 15's)

        Tuesday AM, watch the opening, If it drops at the opening, then stabilizes...THAT is the time to buy. IMO.

        Whatever happens, I am having my distributions reinvested. So this February distribution should buy me a lot more units than last quarter...LOL.

    • you have good vision

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      • Please, don't drive a car!! While I just locked into this stock, I see nothing in news release that calls for an expected 25% recovery in PPS after this blood letting. I hope they don't cut the dividend under .40, otherwise we going even lower. If you look back (way back) on charts you will note the stock always comes back, but in this case not in a month or two. If ever this was a case of over reaction, I don't know what is. Would really like to see some insider form 4 buying this next week. Insiders were strong buyers in the $22 range, they should really love this price to average down, orrrr NOT. Time will tell.