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  • beefstu57 beefstu57 Mar 6, 2012 10:56 AM Flag


    I will count you down to bankruptcy.

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    • beefstu,

      You do realize that as much as you would like for NRGY to go bankrupt, that it isn't going to happen.

      Inergy made a series of mistakes, buying Tres Palacios at the top of the market, buying back the GP at a hefty premium and then the propane biz got hit hard by margins, conservation and warm weather.

      Despite all of that, they are still financially sound, especially if they cut the distribution back to the point that they are above a 1.0x coverage ratio.

      That cut, as painful as it will be, will be the turning point for Inergy.

      Already they have announced what amounts to a $300 million dollar investment at NRGM, which will drive $15-$20 million a year in cash over to NRGY due to IDRs and common LP units that they hold.

      A few more big Marcellus projects at NRGM, the drop down of Tres Palacios and the west coast NGL biz, and NRGY will have significantly strengthened its balance sheet.

      Nothing makes me happier than seeing you disappointed that Inergy hasn't and isn't going bankrupt.

      There is no arguing that they screwed up royally, but they are turning the ship around, and bankruptcy is not even in the picture.

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      • You poor keep believing or should I say hoping that this company is not going to go bankrupt.

        The simple fact is that the stock has gone from $42 down to $16 in less then one year. It goes down everyday regardless of how the overall market does. It hits new 52 week lows on a daily basis.

        Just wait until they slash the dividend. Only fools think that does not have a negative impact on the stock. If you want to see an example of that just check out ALSK which I own. This is another stock about to go bankrupt which I also called the middle of last year when it was trading at about $9/share. They cut their dividend by 75% an the stock sunk to the $2 range where it is now.

        You are a fool that just can't accept that your investment is all but gone. If you had a single brain cell left you would sell now and cut your losses. However you will not do that.

        See you in bankruptcy.

    • does beefpoop's mommy only let you out of your room when the market is down? time to grow up little person!

      perhaps beefpoop can us what day this bankruptcy will occur? lol

      what a schmuck!