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  • adler.mark adler.mark Mar 12, 2012 11:43 AM Flag

    how does anyone keep buying stocks

    when things like this fall from 22 to 16 in a few weeks. Imagine if you bought anything that falls in value 30% with no tangible reason or news- why would you want to buy an asset like that? stick to bonds- at least thay mature at 100 someday. Biggest rigged game on the planet.

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    • Take a look at the March and April option trades, somebody knows something!!!

    • There is so much you don't understand, it is best not to show it.
      You may get 100% face value at bond maturity, but what sort of victory is that if you lose 50% or more in purchasing power of your investment? "Bonds are instruments of guaranteed confiscation."
      A stock's price is what people are selling it for, today. It does not represent its true value, most of the time. Forbes says it is a strong value and the dividend is secure. That dividend will be paid, whether stockholders sell or buy.

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      • Good Lord! What are you people smoking?

        If you have even glanced at the news on this company in the last 3 months, you will know that the distribution is about to be cut because the company does not make enough cash flow to support it.

        And come to here and say that it is a strong value and that the "dividend" is secure is grossly misleading.

        Both of you should stick to knitting. And be sure to point the needle away from yourself.

    • why are you on this board