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  • abrevaderci abrevaderci Mar 13, 2012 8:44 AM Flag

    Train wreck

    Folks, I sell propane. Flowers growing in New York (in February). 80 degrees in the Midwest. Home heating is done for the spring. Commercial and industrial are down big time. Amerigas buys #2 (which will have its own set of problems when Transfer partners is allowed to sell its shares, in a bad propane market). Feel free to point out the pluses. I can't find any.

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    • Oh, I forgot about the price of oil and the potential for war in the middle east. Squeezing margins on sales that just aren't there.

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      • I buy propane. This year, I bought practically none, as this was one insanely mild winter. The propane biz is a hurtin'.

        I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of propane assets change hands over the next several months. The question is, to me, does NRGY have the strength to acquire some assets, or to make it through to the other side, assuming the winter of 2012-13 reverts to the norm?

        We're either looking at a train wreck or a great buying opportunity for the bold.

        At this point, none of us have a crystal ball. Think I'll hold.