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  • besmarter8 besmarter8 Mar 14, 2012 11:27 PM Flag

    Is NRGY losing its customers from other fuel alternatives?

    It seems to me NRGY is losing out from other alternative in natural gas.

    If it is true, the future of NRGY is very dim.

    Will NRGY out of business for being eliminated from other competition.

    Intelligent thoughts please

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    • pablo202 Mar 22, 2012 6:26 AM Flag

      I think they are talking about Nat gas for a transportation fuel as the country is awash in Nat gas. Propane is derived from oil and so will rise with the price of oil. I image folks will seek alternatives when available as the price rises. BTW on a side note I replaced all of my incandescent and compact florescent light bulbs, monitors and TVs with energy efficient LED technology and my electricity bill went down by at least a 1/3 in cost. LED technology lasts much much longer then either incandescent and compact florescent so will easily pay for itself just in lack of cost of replacements not to mention less energy used. Also produces a lot less heat so the air conditioner will run less also saving some $$$.

    • jcowles123 Mar 22, 2012 12:45 AM Flag

      Really, there are so many uses for propane other than just heating. How about running a generator, a car or the various industrial chemical uses for Propane? Why dwell on just one use?

    • Many of us living rural cannot connect to natgas and may never be able to, regardless of how cheap and plentiful it is. So, the only logical, and economic choices are propane and electricity for powering our lives.

      This past winter was abnormal. I can't see that continuing and propane demand will be up again.

      Also, NRGY is not ONLY about propane. I also own units of FGP...that is basically only a propane story. They are going down the same path as NRGY, but in a year or two things will pick up and heaters will be firing again on cold winter days

    • The 2011 NRGY SEC docs have been warning about

      1) Aggressive price shopping by customers
      2) Customers switching to alternative fuels
      3) Conservation

      After I read these risks, I got out at a small loss.

      The new 10-year lows in natural gas for 2012 can only make 2) continue stronger this year.

    • They have closed many dealerships and when a company does this, service suffers and other small businesses will fill the void. Current cost cutting, long-term bad business decision. Winter sales were very soft, but that's not the company's faut, it was just a warm winner. Summer will be brutal. Talk to people in the field that work for this company if you want the truth about what's coming down. Unfortunatly I've lost a small fortune on this stock, but what I'm telling you is, unfortunately, the current state of Inergy and I'm still holding for a miracle.