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  • proud_to_be_here proud_to_be_here Aug 20, 2003 4:10 AM Flag

    To the honorable ahna_nimus

    Dear friend,

    This is the first post I submit to this interesting (most of the time) forum.

    I bought quite a lot of PRSF shares a while ago.
    I intended to sell them last week before earnings since I figured out what will happen. Your post convinced me to hold my position. I guess you can call me naive or even stupid.

    Ahna, not only your advice costed me a lot of money (I don't know how big the dip will be. I can only hope it won't fall under $2.00) but my wife thinks I'm an idiot to listen to someone I don't even know.

    Do you have something encouraging for us? Do you think we'll see $3 again in the next months?

    BTW, I am a strong believer in PRSF. I happen to know the billing market very well - that's why I bought the shares. They have some very good advantages over the competition. And if played right they could become a real market leader in the billing field.

    Go Infranet!

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    • One advice to you is NOT to sell, but buy more.
      Here is why...

      1-The press release was right on target and better revenue.
      2-Stock options write off is a new rule and many companies going for it, even Microsoft. There are many benefits to this.
      3-Portal did a very clever move to choose tax write off this way because they about to do a reverse split and ready for profit very soon and don't have to pay much tax.
      4-LISTEN, big institutions are lining up to jump in when reverse happens. This is going to be much better than you think.
      5-Next few weeks will take off and this is a golden opportunity to buy all you can.

    • Too many people here suffer from ADD. Brief commercial images or you lose the viewer, no advertisement copy as no one reads, quarterly do or die reports , instant gratification (my favorite!) et cetera. Ahna was right, Prsf got J phone, has a pipeline that will go to the bottom line profits. But in this world, that is yesterday's news. Time to sell and move on to new stocks that will triple over the next two months. Problem is...will they? Trade now or wait for Ahna's info to work its way through the system. Move your horizon out to five months. Business growth, no debt, good product...if it falls buy a little more.Plan to sell in March 04 .If a double by then is too little, sell next week after MMs start too bring it up. Too many shares to hit better than 6 by end of fourth quarter imo, but downside is over after next week. I will buy more under 2.4 if possible. by the way, a double in six months is an annual 200 percent return for those who live in Vermont.