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  • takeyourprofit takeyourprofit May 19, 2000 5:14 PM Flag


    JUNK!!! the next stock you short give me a call.
    I will take out a fat loan on my house so I can go
    long. Sorry ass Individual. Its funny I don't see any
    posts. must be out selling your ass to cover your short.

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    • Hear me out. I bought PRSF last week for a
      pre-earnings run-up and perhaps a short term hold beyond. Like
      many others, I've been hammerred this year by
      investing in tech stocks during wave after wave of the sell
      offs. I respect the shorts for their success in calling
      this bear market correctly, but hate the ones who come
      on the boards and harrass the hell of

      A few weeks ago, I was invested in another tech
      stock and down a few percentage points. On earnings day
      it ran up about 14%. Yeah baby, I held. The report
      was similar to PRSFs, nice surprise. A short
      immediately came on the board and started running his
      pie-hole about the impending a.m. sell-off. Other longs
      and I jousted back and forth on the issue for

      The a.m came: stock went up another 5-6%, .....that
      lasted about 20 minutes. To my horror, it slipped,
      slipped, slipped, and closed below my original freakin'
      entry price. I held a few more days, then bailed out
      with a loss(good thing, has lost another

      When I saw PRSF tanking at the close yesterday, I had
      my finger on the eject button, but couldn't stomach
      taking a small loss with the report only moments away.
      Also, a look at the earnings date performance 3 months
      ago, showed NO pre-run-up, but a nice pop the
      following day. I decided to hold-I guess I had a feeling
      about it.

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      • When PRSFs report came out, any idiot could see
        that it was extremely favorable. With no pre-earnings
        run-up to speak of, PRSF was bound to get at least a
        modest lift the next day.

        However, during the
        past several months, I�ve freakin� seen it all. A drop
        would be just more unexplainable bull$hit. One thing I
        knew, �..the shorts would be arriving sooner or later.
        Considering the gravity of the earnings release, it would
        maybe be only a moronic one or two. I took great
        pleasure in trying a little experiment. I came on the
        board using an old identity, and played the role of a
        stupid a$$ short. Perhaps doing so would horrify and
        discourage legitimate shorts, perhaps the idea came from my
        own irrational superstition. So often, I�ve relaxed
        and waited for news to take a positive effect the
        next day, only to see a drop.

        I know, nobody is
        buying this line of crap, ��but hear me out. The burning
        question for me has always been (I�m sure others will
        concur): �How much impact do comments, bashing,
        intelligent exchanges, etc. have on the stock prices�.
        Clearly, it is faulty to believe that the impact is huge,
        but perhaps more in error to think that there is no
        effect. I wanted to be careful. After all, a chunk of my
        IRA was tied up in PRSF. So, I set out to portray
        amazingly idiotic short. Note the lack of content of my
        posts. I made sure that what I said was not SO
        ridiculous that people would consider me to be a complete
        nut case, but I did not wish to scare off any
        investors who had a shred of intelligence.

        response was very satisfying. You guys were brutal :o) I
        don�t believe I saw any other shorts,
        (ridiculous,�..who would be shorting?). But they took forever to
        finally come in today. THEY HAD TO: any stock with all
        that publicity and a 20+% spike is going to get a
        little short interest. I expect a pull back sooner or
        later. But I know they will be fried if they delay
        covering too long. PRSF has arrived.

        Anyone who
        wishes to dispute my claim that this was nothing more
        than an experiment, feel free. I am convinced that the
        degree of PRSFs defiance of today�s market sell-off had
        nothing to do with my actions. The street just
        miscalculated this company, .....probably.