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  • walrathcrai walrathcrai Mar 23, 2013 2:16 AM Flag

    Advice to Liz

    Never invest based on tax reasons only. Many investors have lost money because they didn't want to pay taxes. Investors who are Republicans are especially guilty of this. They hate the government so much they will do anything to avoid taxation. But investing in a trust that you think will pay out less than the share price is irrational. What you should do is buy trusts in an IRA. Then you don't have to worry about taxes for awhile. If it's a ROTH you never have to worry. Knowing what I know now I would not put trusts into an investment account unless they are seriously undervalued. Hope this helps but knowing you I'm pretty sure it won't.

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    • "What you should do is buy trusts in an IRA"

      The structure is already partly tax deferred. Putting a tax shelter inside a tax shelter is a waste of a perfectly good tax shelter. On the contrary, I place all tax deferred investments (MLPs and trusts) in the taxable account and put other investments in the IRA. That allows me to get tax deferral on all my investments. Putting a tax shelter in an IRA is a waste.

      As for investing based on tax reasons only, don't know where you came up with that impression, but again I;d point out that the Alerian MLP index (which mirrors a big part of my portfolio) started at 100 in 1997 and is at 1440 today. It's the best return of any asset class over the last couple of decades, bar none. Not many people who have invested in MLPs for any length of time have lost money.

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      • When are going to deal with reality?? I asked you why you hang on to Ect. You give me tax reasons. I said I thought the trust could generate $15 in distributions over the remaining life of the trust. You mocked that estimate as too high. You have yet to give a coherent reason why you hold THIS trust. Talking about what you've done in other trusts hardly explains why you're in this one.
        As far as putting it in an Ira it takes tax considerations out of the equation. I can take a quick profit without worrying about tax consequences. Logic really doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

    • You state the obvious. No one should invest for only one reason, unless you want to be a simpleton.

    • Isn't her name Liza? Obsess much? She's beyond what you can add to a retirement account. You would be suprised how much money some average people have.

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