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  • shortsabanow shortsabanow Mar 27, 2003 11:46 AM Flag

    Insider buying

    Insider buying will not happen for several reasons: Top Ten List

    1. Insiders are lucky to be getting paychecks and they are sick and tired of losing their hard earned money by reinvesting into Saba stock.

    2. Insiders understand better than anyone what is happening with this company.

    3. They are waiting to buy it at a discount - they know it is coming.

    4. The insiders are waiting for the next round of layoffs to decide who will actually still be an insider.

    5. They are smarter than the longs out on this board and are waiting for the reverse split so they can actually short the stock.

    6. The only reason they would buy more stock is to increase their voting rights for the May 1 meeting - but they finally realized that the greedy folks at the top already own more than 50% of the stock - so it is a losing proposition.

    7. They are investing their money into companies that actually make money.

    8. They would rather purchase the stock of Docent and Ecollege and Click to Learn.

    9. They already have enough capital losses being carried forward from last year that there is no need for future capital losses.

    10. Beacuse they are bailing water out of the sinking ship, their arms are too tired to pick up the phone and call their brokers to make the trade.

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    • The only thing I might piggyback is your momma. Can she squeel like a pig?

      Incompetent. The only one imcompetent is the individual that buys a declining stock that is about to reverse split and has about 25k shares of interest. Can you say DUMBASS!

    • Against my morals but everyone has their price I guess 1mil. would work. Let me guess you do them for free stupid inbreeds they will never learn. You are way to incompetent to converse with me. Just go chase your sister around the yard or what ever you people do down there. Do yourself a favor and piggyback my trade. Oh I forgot you lost your money what a shame what a crying shame :o(

    • How much do you charge for a Blow Job?

    • I just bought .60
      by: top_trader007 (36/M/Cali.)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 03/13/03 01:58 pm
      Msg: 14782 of 15341

      Pray for me and my trade thankyou. PS: The chart looks like she is about to pop. I see the big guys are stealing shares today.

      Here you go I am up .05 so far like I said if you go against me you have a 10% chance of being right. It is healthy for you to come clean like you are its the first step in your healing process. If you want any more help I will have to charge you :o)

    • It's interesting the profile of the Saba long that develops in one's mind after reading this board for so long.
      Your remark about people from the deep South is typical. You look down your snotty noses at anyone who isn't a self absorbed, politically far left, tree hugging, chardonay sipping, whiney, San Franciscan, living off of Mommy and Daddy's trust fund, and posing on this board like you are some sort of success story. It's far more likely that someone else earned the money that you have, and all you have done is lose it over time, in stupid investments like this one. No wonder you're crawling in the vermin that we see in the news, protesting on your streets.

    • Just because you lost your ass on this stock doesn't mean that you can take your frustrations out on the folks trying to give sound advice on this board. You are a liar. There is no way that you have been 90% correct. Especially if you hold this stock in your portfolio. How in the hell have you made money trading this stock. Please explain. If you are such an expert explain to me how you are making money when this stock is trading at its all time low. Either you are a liar and are actually shorting this stock or you are a liar and bought at a higher price and have now lost money on the trade or you are a dumbass and don't know how to read your portfolio statements. Either way you are wrong.

      I have lost money on this stock with my current long position and have no worries to letting the world know that i have lost money. At least I am realistic about the position I am in. You are a POS

    • Now you're showing your true colors. An inbred from the deep south derived from your grandfather doing his daughter. You have a 10% chance going against me boy you must feel lucky. Just by chance were you in an accident that your brain was swollen up for a week or more?

    • That right - your are not a liar. You are a cross dressing homo with your head up your partners ass. How does it smell dipshit?

      It is not hard to be 90% correct on 1 trade. Get a clue

    • LOL!!!

      Oh my God, it's getting deep in here now. Damn, too late to save my shoes. The bullshit these pumpers try to make people swallow is unbelievable. Sounds like you need to find another accountant by the way, if he's impressed by you, he's probably such a dumbfuck that he's going to make mistakes on your taxes that will likely land you in jail.

    • "deferent aliases"???

      That's what I love about you pumpers. With over 2 million shares short holding strong, even after this thing plummets from a buck down to the 60 cent range, you clowns try to imply that there is only ONE person who thinks this stock is a loser, and he simply uses multiple nics.
      Yeah, that's right moron. They are ALL me and I'm the one that holds to 2 mil shares short too. ROTLFMAO. What an illogical dipshit, i.e. your basic Saba believer!!!

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