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  • market_kingz market_kingz May 28, 2003 3:39 PM Flag

    Babak Yazdani

    Please resign and go back to Iran. Your people need you, your country needs you and Saba needs you to leave.

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    • Hey Moron, Babak Yazdani has been with Saba for more than a year. Bottom line is that Geno is not in control and Saba will never be what was promised.

    • Hey dude, I'm not here to carry Geno's water, O.K. ?
      I only made the remarks I did in response to a post about Yazdani and pointed out some aspects of Geno's personality that I know first hand.
      You obviously enjoy arguing about minutia even though you contradict yourself several times in each post.

      The original point here that was made was that Geno was the type of person who could make a difference if Yazdani's ego wasn't constantly in the way. You have made the assumption that he hasn't made a difference because he is detached...hey, whatever.....All I know is Saba has turned out to be a crummy investment for me for the last 6 months.

      Your assumption about my not knowing people with "big money" is also incorrect.

    • Incompetent, No. Disengaged, Yes.

      Regardless, he's in the CEO's chair right now, and he owns the success or failure of Saba. And right now Saba is no better off than they were when he came into the picture a year ago which means he is either disengaged or as you said it, 'incompetent'.

      We'll go with the polite assumption and say he's disengaged.

      As for 'never enough', you obviously don't personally know many folks worth big big money (not a a million or two but big money - 100s of $M's).

      To quote a friend of mine worth in excess of $1.1b (not Geno), "I have more money than my wife and I will ever need, I have more money than my kids will ever need, I have more money than my grandkids and great grandkids will ever need, I'm not doing this for the money anymore, I'm doing this because I like winning".

      Even if Geno does care about the money, he's obviously not working hard enough (or smart enough) to turn Saba into something of value for the average shareholder.

    • Kingz, I asked you what did you study and when because you sound quite young and your stated properties and wealth are quite an achievement. I was just curious.

    • what a putz

    • It was made a few hours ago... and so wacc? :)

    • Hey Market shit,

      Yazdani is an iranian-american. Where the fuck did you or your family come from. This is a nation built by immigrants you ignorant basturd. I'm putting you on my ignore list.
      Stop cluttering this message board with your useless crap. You're incompetent and were probably fired by Saba, sore idiot.

    • Do you think he is still responsible for the current status of the company? I bought about six months ago because I knew of Genos reputation. Doesn't seem to have helped much. Bought DCNT at the same time because I'm mainly interested in the *platform* side of things. So far DCNT is the better investment but I thought it would be the other way around.

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