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  • frv_man frv_man Oct 29, 2008 11:45 PM Flag

    Should I stay in this or cut my losses

    I understand the market is doing horrible overall. No need to go into that, however, even when there are good days SABA doesn't seem to get any traction. I am almost embarassed to admit I am in at over $5 on this stock and that's after dollar cost averaging the past 6 months.

    At this point I have stopped throwing money into this stock as I am afraid it's heading for the "under a buck" bin.

    Is there anything in the future that would make this story look a little brighter or is this company going to continue to wither away?

    Any thoughts?

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    • Good question.

      I am in profit (bought & sold CTRA several times at the peaks & troughs) - that's the good news - the bad news is I bought my last tranches @ $5 & $3. This should not affect either of our decsions but I mention it because sentiment always plays a part.

      The keys to SAB for me are: Is it at risk of going bust (appears not - has very little debt & positive cash flow. Is it a market leader? - would appear so. Will its reveneues grow or remain satble in the big slump? - looks like there is a good chance with its exposure to the public sector/education.

      I am tempted to stay put and will buy agin if the share goes sub a $1.- anything can happen in this market. Ther are many worse places to have your money.

      Saw the number of shares holders has dropped big time - are we the last of a breed?

      Would welocme your views and crtique of the above.

      good luck - Tog

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      • Well, unfortunately I have fallen on the knife for all my holdings so I have no additional money to put into SABA. I always have tried to be greedy when others are fearful as Warren says, but at some point you have to just sit back.

        As for SABA. I don't know. Once SAP and Oracle go after this market more agressively will SABA and SUMT and GEO just fade away? I've seen it happen before so that is a concern.

      • Their last forecast, which wasn't too long ago, called for pretty solid results for these times. If the climate improves, which hopefully it will, you would think even here is a good entry point. But as you said, these days anything goes.

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