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  • urschelman urschelman Dec 6, 2010 2:30 PM Flag

    Going Higher?

    Is SABA for real? Are they going higher or is this it?

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    • I think that there are rules prohibiting buying back shares during earnings announcement times. I could be wrong but I believe that they have to wait a couple of days. Maybe it was just people believing in their contention that it is just conversion to subscription sales at a faster clip than they had anticipated. Wish that they would just get bought out.

      They are presenting later this week at the Needham conference. Nothing earth shattering ever seems to happen at these things. But maybe they could pick up some new coverage.

    • As I predicted ... suspect it is down to some judicious buying back - whilst it was naff news it wasn't terrible so I think we should find a bottom around 6 which is what it was a month before the Q end.

    • Amazed that it closed above $6. Pleasantly surprised that is.

      Thought that it might get taken to the woodshed with such a big cut in earnings. Hopefully it can hold this level.

    • You mean virtual 20. The virtual hangover should be easier than the real kind.

    • Re the beers ... a great idea

      Let's have a virual one tonight!


    • Without any real coverage I don't see who is going to gobble up the shares when it dips. And I agree that there isn't much to justify a higher price anyway. Hopefully the drop won't be too bad and the current disappointing news becomes discounted pretty quickly (after a few 20).

    • Will be interested to see the market reaction - didn't hear the con-call

      SABA has enough cash to manage the share price on current volumes - suspect we'll see a quick dip to the 5.70 mark before a recovery to 6.... but I don't see much upside from there unless I also haven't understood the figures

      Long run they have to do something to justify the growth tag

    • Looks like they revamped their website overnight. Frankly, I think that the previous design was better.

    • I just don't see the growth that they are talking about. It seems like the same spin that Bobby has been putting out there forever. Did you listen to the conference call? They sounded ecstatic talking about growth in deal size etc.

      Saas or no Saas, a growing enterprise software company should be reporting big sales gains and raising sales estimates. In that scenario if income has to take a hit because of investment in the business...fine. That doesn't seem to be the case with Saba. They are cutting income estimates by 60% on lower revenue.

      As for the share price I have no idea. I really thought this had a chance to be a watershed quarter. Very disappointed. Hope somehow that I am just misunderstanding the model...But I don't think that I am.

    • Kind of agree - the one thing that perked me up was the 14% growth in orders - what's your view.

      Going on what little I saw of the after hours (-12%) they'll show quite a dip this a.m. but I suspect the buy back will trip in.... an opp for the day traders!

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