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  • grover348 grover348 Jun 21, 2014 10:39 PM Flag

    The crud from SYNM

    Don't pay any attention to the crud that has come here from the SYNM message board. They know not of which they speak and never under any conditions do they use either the truth or facts. They are just a bunch of manipulators that happen to delight in making up stories.

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    • LOL Thanks for at least posting on the right board this time.. This guy drops by on the SYNM board and starts posting ab. out everyone that has "come here from the SYNM message board"... hehehe.. Synm board was pretty decent over the years... Don't discount the people from over there, as there were some smart folks.

      Tell you what though... if it really takes 3 years to get shares from this whole dissolution debacle.... you are going to have some gripers around here for sure. Just to be clear... synm's manangement really did a number on shareholders.... and got a sweatheart golden parachute, getting to keep jobs and all... at the expense of shareholders (i.e. the deal would have been better had REGI not had to take on the synm CEO).

      Anyway, best of luck to all, and since old synm holders are REGI holders ( or at least some random holding company is)... might be worth respecting and listening to them since they know and have insights on a piece of the company that is new to most.

      Good luck all!

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      • Nice Brian...but methinks yer wasting yer time...some folks stock in trade is insults and arm flapping....I bailed on SYNM after over 3 years of bs, fortunately, a few months ago...said it then, and ill say it now...felt like a great weight went away...but since I still believed in the potential of this sector, no matter what big oil and their paid political hacks say, (they took a nice hit in the Supreme Court I see) I took the dough, added some, and bought in much for the geniuses who pop up out of the slime and decide im short or some such. I lost more on SYNM than some of these garbage haulers will ever earn,,,,sorry, didn't mean to insult an honest mans real world job....btw...that "random holding company" isnt so random...go find it and see who the CEO'll recognize the'll just make your day...on top of Roth going with REGI....if its true......and GL2U....

    • yve noticed...sore losers

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