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  • qbkiller5350 qbkiller5350 Nov 11, 2003 1:30 PM Flag


    Is ILMN's tech sensitive to a certain species? Does ILMN do work with agricultural companies?


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    • Very good points arraytee.

    • Qbkiller5350: You deserve respect for sticking to your guns when all around you are telling you to disarm. Keep sticking to the high ground; immature posts result in the Poster losing credibility.

      The simple reality of this situation is: No one who has used the ILMN system has ever commented on how well it works in a public forum. Period. You may say, 'Well, they bought the system so it must be good.' No one on this Board is that naive. An "installed" system is not the same as a "purchased" system. It is common practice in the pharmaceutical industry to 'test drive' a big-ticket item before writing any checks. Clearly, $8MM came in from somewhere last quarter, which is very good news if it's true. I, for one, have grown suspicious of bookkeeping practices at ALL companies. You only read things the CEO has approved until a law enforcement agency begins an investigation. I am not saying this is happening here, but it's easy to believe that many minnows swim beneath the net designed to catch tuna.

      Here's something we DO know. The employment case in which ILMN lost a $7.5MM judgement was consistently described as "without merit" by the Company's CEO right up to the time that a jury found the Company guilty. Now, ILMN describes ABI's action as "without merit." The CEO of Tyco used just that phrase recently as well. Words is cheap; whenever you see the phrase so-and-so "believes that," hang onto your wallet, because the rest of the sentance is meaningless.

      The employment case ILMN lost will probably be sustained on appeal (most are; judges hate to reverse what juries do in civil matters), and this will cost nearly $10MM with interest. ABI's complaint asks for 'treble damages' which could realistically amount to $30MM. With $50MM liquid at ILMN as of 3Q03, if the ABI-ILMN arbitration provision is upheld by the court it is entirely within the realm of possibility that ILMN could be out $40MM in the first half of 2004. This company is likely to live or die based upon the integrity of its Management Team. That's a sobering fact.

    • Go stick your head in the sand and avoid the conversation. I am not goin anywhere.

      Your trash talking only proves that it's pretty clear who's losing and can't defend themselves.

      What a joke you are.

      For my age I am way more proffesional than you.

    • qb: Learn English for starters and, oh yeah,
      fuck off.


    • qb: fuck off


    • I wonder if SNP analysis could be used to determine why your body grew to adulthood while your brain development was arrested in kindergarten? The working hypothesis here is that the 2 halves of your little brain each stuck to their own sides of the skull as the skull grew, resulting in a gradual lobotomy and separation of the cortex over the course of several years. Drilling a hole in your forehead and putting a spigot on it to releave the built-up water pressure should do wonders for your temperment. Since you don't seem to like intelligent discussion, we can talk the trash talk.

    • I truly feel sorry for you.

      Im loking for thows who know what there talking about.

    • Hey you must work in a garage. Nobody else could pump (gas)so hard for so little reward.

      We do not want to discuss Lynx or any other marvellous stock. We are small minded, tight fisted, and above temptation.

      Please take that Pig to the Market, buy lipstick by the gallon, slap it on thick and see if some poor demented, drunken fool will make a pass at it.

    • Thank you bejammin075,

      My job here(to some's dismay) is to learn, compare and contrast Gene Expression Analysis technologies. When I express other companies, I am trying to provoke conversations about the technologies. Don't just assume ILMN has won(because it an many other companies have large finnancial and technical hurdles to overcome) Its just good business. Especially in ILMN's shareholders case. You must know your competitors tech and what technologies ILMN works best in conjunction with. Sure, ILMN has many customers in high places, but so do other companies. ILMN has just entered the Desktop array arena, which takes a lot of production and capital to enter. Don't you guys think it would be a good idea to know that SQNM has a 1QTR jump on ILMN in this case and what SQNM has done with it?.

      bloodnoun, I appreciate your post(despite your imaturity). This must be the Bead labs that you guys are talking about. AFFX may see competition from ILMN, but this will take time. AFFX is moving rather quickly with there pipline of expression technologies.

      Once again I HAVE COMBED THE ILMN WEBSITE. in addition, there is no posting of a PR or any collaboration with a Crop Science Institution or company. This will be very important in the future.

      ILMN longs, tell me why you bought the stock. Please don't just stick your heads in the sand. Tell me why I should buy my shares back.

      Any professional input will be appreciated.

    • BRAVO!! AGAIN!!

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