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  • douwedonhaga douwedonhaga Nov 27, 2012 9:15 AM Flag

    Time for a tumble

    We are talking about a small part of Illumina's business (genotype service). GNOM does not make and market instruments (the lions share of ILMN's business). ILMN had plenty of time to express interest before BGI stepped in. Had they made an offer, early on, that would have been smart business. Making an offer after failing in the patent suit and after BGI put in a tender shows ILMN to be vindictive and hostile. BGI will squash ILMN regardless of how this deal ends up going. With the ILMN play BGI will, undoubtably, be more motivated to take ILMN out.

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    • You have it all wrong. This is just business, not personalities. It is a good move by ILMN. Either the BGI-GNOM deal gets messed up and they lose a competitor or they have gained several thousand new samples to sequence. GNOM is just too weak to do business anymore and the strong will pray on the weak. ILMN just waited until they were very weak because they want to return value to their share holders. Patent fights are nothing but business moves either. It also appears that ILMN does not need any return business from BGI

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    • Just a couple of corrections:
      1. GNOM provides sequencing service (not genotyping), therefore GNOM is ILMN's core biz competitor.
      2. Instruments are a small portion of ILMN biz in markets other than sequencing (GT, GEx etc.); reagents are the main source of revenue. It's true that currently seq instruments sells overweight seq reagents sells, but as the field install base of seq instruments growth so the consumables sales grow exponentially.

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    • ILMN will get a very good price for GNOM, so infact ILMN made a very good move waiting until GNOM was drained of cash. Business is not about personalities, so vindictive and hostile are just opinions and do not come into the equation. ILMN is looking out for its investors not GNOM investors.

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