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  • g2nosis g2nosis Jan 8, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Pretty Impressive List of Innovations in Today's Announcement

    With some ready to ship and others ready Q1 2013!

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    • Thinking to get into this stock in a serious way pre-earnings... likely today. Share price seems reasonably depressed for a good entry point. I get the impression most investors are naive regarding this company, seeing it primarily as a 'buy out target'. What I think might be missing is the understanding of the dominance Illumina has in DNA sequencing. If you're a scientist who sequences DNA for research (I do), then you don't even want to %@#$ waste your time on other company's products except for some highly specialized applications. Illumina is the face of routine sequencing. That means machine sales, service costs, reagent kits, all with high prices. This company is not about to flop. The one thing they didn't have was the 'promise' of super long read accurate sequencing. PacBio gets to say 'we'll get there one day' and Oxford Nanopore supposedly has this miracle device for simple long read sequencing. And good for them because that hype is orgasmic for many biologists, but so far none of this long read technology has delivered. With Moleculo, Illumina also joins the ranks of those with a sweet hype story. 10kb reads with Q50?? Are you kidding? If they did that they won. They could then cash in on that and they can go and make an aggressive takeover attempt on Roche if they want to. I remain highly skeptical of ILMN getting there soon as well, but at least now the market leader can also reasonably play the hype game with these other guys. Thinking the earnings will be good. MiSeq only recently out - that machine is sweet, and not only because it's smaller and cheaper, but the smallness actually allows it to have longer reads since the chemicals sit inside it a shorter period. Lots of orders for that including the big FDA order.

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