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  • unionbeater unionbeater Aug 31, 2011 12:15 AM Flag

    **OverPaid Union Workers!!

    Overpaid Union workers are creating a mess for our investment, especially the Southern California division Albertsons. The companies I.D. sales are down, shrink is thru the roof and prices are not competitive. I feel this way because, overpaid workers are not allowing the company to have a competitive edge, I mean when is the last time you bought meat there? The beef are mostly green and unappealing, I asked a Meat manager, who told me it was aged, LMAO!! Give me a break! This makes believe that not only the meat cutters/managers are over paid(last I checked $21-22 per hour/Sunday $30) they think their customers are stupid. Everytime I come into a store I see the meat manager..stocking cases, working behind seafood counters and B.Sing with co-workers. Come On..really Mr.Albertsons Meat Manager you're getting paid 20 plus per hour, for what?. You can hire a monkey with a clown suit to do what you do. Please stop the madness and get paid what your worth and stop undervaluing our investment with your overpaid labor!

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