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  • unionbeater unionbeater Aug 31, 2011 12:15 AM Flag

    **OverPaid Union Workers!!

    Overpaid Union workers are creating a mess for our investment, especially the Southern California division Albertsons. The companies I.D. sales are down, shrink is thru the roof and prices are not competitive. I feel this way because, overpaid workers are not allowing the company to have a competitive edge, I mean when is the last time you bought meat there? The beef are mostly green and unappealing, I asked a Meat manager, who told me it was aged, LMAO!! Give me a break! This makes believe that not only the meat cutters/managers are over paid(last I checked $21-22 per hour/Sunday $30) they think their customers are stupid. Everytime I come into a store I see the meat manager..stocking cases, working behind seafood counters and B.Sing with co-workers. Come On..really Mr.Albertsons Meat Manager you're getting paid 20 plus per hour, for what?. You can hire a monkey with a clown suit to do what you do. Please stop the madness and get paid what your worth and stop undervaluing our investment with your overpaid labor!

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    • you are worried what a 20/hr worker is making? how about all the labor cut at store levels and they keep addig vp's at corporate for every little thing . how about all the bonus for corporate people even though sales are down? funny how same store sales for al the albertsons stores started dropping as soon as supervalu implemented craigs policies!! it isnt union workers, which i am not by the way but its all the crap coming out of corporate dont blame the workers at the store level for not being competitive!!

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      • $20 hr. too much in U.S.A.?! I'm scared to ask what you make. Ever consider applying?

      • anti -union , pro exec making multi millions making bad decisions , why is it wrong to have people make a decent wage ? I ran a union construction company , retired in 98 , lowest wage was 45,000 a year , guess what I STILL MADE MONEY !
        All the money does not have to go into the hands of a few , it's all right if everybody makes a FAIR share . Execs do not have to make 1000 x the salary of the guy on the floor , it happens all the time , look through history , when to few gather all the money , shit happens . When will greedy bastards learn !

      • Why don't more people get that?

      • You complain about the salary and bonus of mgt. These people are in the owner's club and enjoy all the perks of ownership. This will never change. Why be an owner if you can't have it all?
        Sooner or later unions and laborers are going to have to figure out how to join the club so a fair share of profits goes to them rather than just to todays elite, mgt. Unions striking for and getting higher wages and benefits just hurts the customers. Prices of merchandise goes up and mgt still smiles.
        Common stock owners supposedly owns the company, union and labor should buy enough stock so you can dictate company policy. Then you can get better wages and more of the profit.
        Idiots need to think about it and get a better solution.

    • to you and "unionbeater", my advice to you both. Do not buy stock that employee's union workers! Then you both with be happy...yes?

    • dhlwilliams Aug 31, 2011 2:28 PM Flag

      YOU GO do their job and give up all your weekends and holidays to serve others then TALK dumby..

    • kourtneypark Aug 31, 2011 6:06 PM Flag

      anyone in a monkey suite ! whatever then see were your investment goes with higher shrink, lost sales and a piss poor gross margin think before you talk

    • You're a fool. You can hire whom you want and will.. You'd love to have those 'monkeys' serve up green meat all day, so long as it put more green in your green management manager pocket, dip stick You speak the talk of a complete ignoramous. Many know and trust how unions have done some good.. not all but much! Workplace conditions, safety for openers. I think too many are union... professionals, teachers for instance should be more limited, and have at least part of what their package is based upon merit.. they teach our kids. I also think some traditional union people have overstepped in this political economy.. but the way you sound is worse than the other extreme - leftist progressive gimme gimme pigs.. and with same/similar self serving motive certainly

    • Your kidding me right? $20-$30 hr is not alot of money. I hope they get paid double time for working on a Sunday. You must live off a trust fund like a real a$$hole. You keep beating down the work force in this country... they will turn and go after people like you. You don't even know what it's like to get up every morning @ 4:30 am everyday and work 40hrs per week + be forced to work overtime. I respect anyone that works for a living. Not some a$$-wipe making money PLAYING the stock market. That's what is wrong with this country, people like you looking for the easy buck and you don't care who it hurts.

    • Well Mr.Unionbeater,you raised an arguement,and it looks like you LOST!Loser...Go Snivel ELSEWHERE!

    • unionbeater, I don't think unions are the only thing you beat! ^7&^%4 scab! Don't worry, the 6 bucks you have invested is safe!

    • Have you been listening to the latest news, many in congress are wanting to raise the Minimum wage again. Along with with unions we are in trouble.
      Unions always negotiate benefits way above MW. Between the two you can expect to see great increases in: 1. cost of living-inflation. 2. increase in taxes. .3. Reduced employment. 4. increase in the number of poor people.
      These idiots need to go back to school and retake ECON 101. Every college freshman knows this, but when they run for office they push it under the rug.
      Poor people we are in big trouble.

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      • Wages aren't going up much. Mr. Market still has most of the say on the matter.

        Look at the Verizon employees, they went back to work without a new contract just on the company's promise they'd keep talking.

        In fact, you are going to see a big decline in real wages in coming years. Bernanke will devalue the dollar about 10% per year in order to get our of our death spiral of debt.

        Wages will only go up at most a couple percent, with 9% unemployment workers don't hold the high cards.

    • I do not know if the union paid employees are over paid but I know the Postal
      employees are over paid. If I had to make the call. I would shut the USPS down.

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