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  • blackhawk4652000 blackhawk4652000 May 10, 2012 5:38 AM Flag

    $$SVU$$ SET TO SOAR...................

    Just about when everyone is completely frustrated. Just when YOU sell and THEY buy. Just when you can't stand it anymore-when no one is expecting it, SVU will have a massive unexpected move up..
    When? only the wind knows, but it will be unexpected.

    The stocks where you can make the very most money are the ones like SVU, good business and negative sentiment.
    Like when i bought WYNN 3 years ago at 20 n change you would hear folks on the message board who were short saying stuff like""you can shoot a cannon thru wynn casino-completely empty""
    or last oct i bought PULTE when it was 4.6 and folks would say ""pulte is dead ready for bk no one is buying homes""

    Now with SVU you hear tyhe noise of the shorts ""Stores are empty, dairy smells foul produce is rotting etc etc""
    This is all noise.

    Many public shorts hopping on the train right about now lookin for easy money-and there is none on wall street.

    SVU will be well north of 12 in 6-12 months if not sooner, sure might breach 5 might not-maybe a buyout by a hedge fund or another grocer- no one is dumb and everyone knows it is undervalued.

    The change in direction will come, but it will be unexpected catching everyone off guard..........

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