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  • fooledbyrandomness4 fooledbyrandomness4 Sep 5, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    I'm not a forensic accountant, but...

    Do you know how many stores they have?
    1,102 traditional retail stores
    »» 797 in-store pharmacies
    • 1,332 hard-discount stores
    »» 935 stores operated by licensee owners
    • 2,700 independent locations serviced by our Independent Business segment
    »» Primary supplier to approximately 1,900 stores

    So basically closing 60 is nothing.

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    • Yes I know how many store they have. 60 less than they had yesterday.

      Another novice accountant / financial managment comment stating that it's nothing. Just like year after year of write downs meant nothing?

      Think about this. 2,400 stores OK. Lose 60 is what 2.5% Hmmm. What's 2.5% of $35 billion? What's a typical grocery store generate a year - maybe $15million? What's that multiplied by 60 stores?

      Forget about the revenues and the balance sheet impact... What about the employee? You think they feel closing 60 stores in nothing? How would you feel if you were working at the remaing stores? Safe? Confident? Or concerned? Desperate? Looking elsewhere? You think it stops at 60 stores? Moral will be demolished. Shrink will be up significantly as those ready to exit rob the places blind.

      You will see. It's anything but nothing.

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      • Ummm Peaktickets...
        Your math is way over simplified, just like your' brain appearantly. You are assuming that the companies revenues are distributed evenly among all of the stores company wide, and they just picked 60 stores randomly. Your' post is kind of naive and not well thought out at all....

        And who cares if the workers are uncomfortable? You think they're going to slack off or quit? Where are they going to go with 8%+ unemployment? No, they will hunker down and do what the management says to try and save the company, and their jobs.... You obviously haven't had a real job, or had to support a family.....

        In short... I'm pretty sure you're an idiot....

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    • Go ahead and try to convince people you are right. See how that goes. 1 store closure is too many.

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