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  • cohsgrad cohsgrad Oct 17, 2012 1:03 PM Flag

    Option Value

    A 30% movement wouldn't be surprising at all. Wouldn't be surprised to see it move up or down.

    This is an option. Get used to it and don't bet the house!!!

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    • I bet there will be no movement.

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      • I think I was right here.

        Operationally quarter was very bad.

        Only thing holding this up is the chance of a buyout.

      • I'm looking forward to the following information:

        1) Restructure efforts. We will get nothing of substance here but the press will make whatever is said into more than what it really is if they need a news story.
        2) Save-A-Lot Sales. Last quarter was one bad quarter; it wasn't like it was four bad quarters or that the longer term trends weren't excellent. Still, a second bad quarter would be disappointing.
        3) Wholesale Profits. I really want flat to slightly improved results. If they can't maintain control here it would tend to indicate fundamental management breakdown which would be bad.
        4) Albertsons/Retail Profits - I think these will stink but how bad. Sometimes the threat of bankruptcy means that people use it as an excuse to loot the company or it can lead to other big mistakes (both managers and employees). If they manage to avoid this, I'll say they did well. Even after excluding the restructure reserve they are going to take a big hit but I'd sure like to not see a loss after adding back the restructure reserve. I'm not optimistic but that would be good.
        5) Albertsons/Retail Sales - Can accept a good hit of 4-5% without panic. More than that would be cause for panic in my mind.

        News media spin is unfortunately important. Problems in the press lead to management issues across the enterprise. The lack of press coverage is a good reason for SVU to be private.

        I didn't re-read this so if anything is incoherent, it is a Yahoo message board so who gives a rip.

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