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  • kinsma.i6684 Oct 19, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    can some shed some light about the huge sell off friday

    serious answers, please no bashing or pumping

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    • From what i could tell there were alot ofoptions out there comming due at the end of the week.i really expected myself for this stock to jump up, to $9+.

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    • rdessell Oct 19, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

      Well you're going to get bashed! Just Kidding! SVU has been on a tear since the 50% buy out deal with Cerberus earlier this year. SVU got rid of half of it's debt down from almost 6 billion to alittle 3 billion around to 2.8 billion. SVU like alot of supermarkets have pension obligations to managers that have increased and have probably addded around 100 million to svu's long term debt quarter over quarter.They are also using alot more cash flow right now. Probably spending money on updating stores and equipment and that could go on for some time. They are also going to start to offer more fresh meat and produce. Probably because of the strong competition from the walmart stores city market expansion. These fresher items have much much shorter shelf lives and thus you have more waste, this compresses margins along with having to be more competitive on lower prices with Walmart , city market and Family Dollar. The upside to this stock was probably met for now. It doesn't mean that it's heading back down to 2-3 dollars per share like some posted have said. But the strong selling on Friday wasn't met with the strong degree of buying that you had on Thursday. Also, remember that Friday was oct expiration . The stock has lost just about this much a couple of months ago and recovered, but it did not have this much down volume in one day. The monthly pivot support for OCt for SVU is $7.32 which held for now.

    • I'm always a little concerned when I see stuff like this happening. The previous friday, AMRN got a 20% haircut. Then it got was halted on Tuesday. When it reopened on Thursday, it was annihilated and whoever was holding it on Tuesday suffered a 60% loss on the open on Thursday. This market is so rigged, it's not even funny. Some people know stuff way before the average Joe investor. No wonder people are going to indexing or ETFs.

    • taddickson333 Oct 19, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

      Simple.. MM's took it down to buy Puts and then make money on the upswing..
      It's on most of the stock message boards that they wer buying puts most of the day.

      The shorts all left town after the walk down.. Now it is ready to rock...
      By the way SEARCH 12 worst grocery chains in U.S.

      WALMART and Kroger (Ralphs) on top on the list.......
      What you do not see is SVU....
      They are top stores to shop. for Price, cleanliness, etc.....

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