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  • cmvtsparkle cmvtsparkle Jun 19, 2003 1:40 PM Flag


    Rumor has it that there is a big equipment purchase imminent. Couldn't hurt.....

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    • Sorry not to reply have better things to do for most of my day then watch the market. I risked all of 6k to make that 350 for the two hours. That's about a 5% return for a couple of hours and I could have made more but I setup the order and wasn't watching when it filled.

      And thanks to inscrupulous brokers of the 1990's every year I take a 3k loss on my taxes so these gains offset the losses so I don't need to worry about paying taxes. lol

      It will be a long time before I'll worry about gains. lol

      My book my risk was minimal. I do think this stock is heading much lower. Were priced for perfection and right now the times are far from being perfect. gl on your trades. And congrats on your profits I hope their not just paper profits if they are then I would lock some of them in. Summer is always very volatile. Many traders on vacation so normally lower volume and much more volatility. Any bad news and you could see a 30% or more haircut before the open. Upside at this point imo is very small.

      I normally don't do any daytrading but it was to tempting Friday not to take advantage. lol

    • Look, a profit is a profit and I am happy for you. As a trader your view of a trade w/a 175.00 hr return is a little short sighted. There are 6 1/2 trading hours in the day, not 2hrs. and 5 days in the week etc. Comm and taxes should be considered. All trades accounted for and factored. Also, are you risking 1m,10m or more for the return of $350.00 needs to be factored to considered for ROI vs. risk.

    • Thats alright, I did $176,000.00 for the qtr. and thats before taxes and commissions. You didn't say what you had at risk to make $350.00 after comm? I guess will forget taxes. Correction $175 per hour?, did you forget to calculate the rest of the days earnings and performance of all your assets? ROI.

    • I'm afraid to burst your bubbble but that was after commissions etc. What I put in my pocket and considering it was for 2 hrs. That comes to 175.00 and hour not bad in my book for doing nothing.

      I hope you keep pumping next week again. Sitting on lots of cash. Took very little risk for a nice return.

    • minus commissions / taxes , wow thats quite a trade. ? how much did you have at risk when you traded?

    • I listened and traded the stock today for a quick 350 dollars. Could have made much more but didn't have the time to do alot of watching.

      I'll watch next week for volume and the same volatility. Hopefully I'll have a chance to do it again. Have a great weekend all.

      The Gunner do you have any other good stocks you follow. I do think this stock dropped like a rock because of those options becoming golden next week and decided to do a quick day trade for a few bucks. Also I warned last night somebody was dumping their shares and looks like I was right.

    • As someone very close to the company,
      I can assure you its not true.

      I wish it was, but its not.

      Watch for the 23rd as many employees will dump their options.

      The Gunner