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  • lifelong10017 lifelong10017 Jun 26, 2003 8:42 AM Flag

    Hey Tobin Smith

    No reason to buy at this level, ready for a break-down. See you @10.44 mid July.

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    • I would expect that by October we will be closer to $20 than $10.....

    • Just for the record:

      I'm buying Oct puts either today or Monday.

      See you back in Oct.

      The Gunner

    • thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt Jun 27, 2003 11:30 AM Flag


      Let me make sure I understand you......

      You don't own ANY shares, and aren't short according to your recent post, right?

      So how exactly can YOU be critical of anyone else that DOES have a position at least?

      Don't you think that is a bit hypocritical (and childishly egotistical) to think that YOU are the exeption to the rules you impose on others while judging them? This isn't High School anymore..... at least not for most of us.

      And yes.... we will remember that you (the self-proclaimed great Gunner) "warned us" that the company will warn about "future Q".

      And..... if they don't warn, you'll have proved to us that you are nothing more than a worthless options gambler, flapping your gums ("TheGummer") to help your momentary gambling position, like your twin from the past on this board that lost all his money.

      Gee..... I just did a search by author and..... Mr2's has disappeared from the entire Yahoo message board system...... I wonder how that could be...... LOL :-D

      Goodbye Gummer, your posting will not be missed.

    • Bye gunner don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    • I will not post here anymore.
      I'm not saying the company will warn for Q2 but for future Q.
      Just remember thatthe Gunner warned in advance.
      Its waste of time to post here anyways,
      since all the readers of this board hold 500 shares together.

      The Gunner

    • Not sure what planet you were on...but everyone, with any knowledge of the industry at the time, knew well before the announcement that the company was going to warn (ie. the stock went down 25% in the month before the annoucement...see figures below). That's why it had already declined. To bad if you were one of the ones who couldn't face reality.

      If the company was unsure about hitting their numbers in Q2 '03, they would have not surpassed their guidance by so much in Q1. Yes, there are many legal ways to do so.

      Don't forget...CMVT is not just Comverse. Verint has been carrying this stock recently and will into the future. If the company can turn Comverse around again, look out. That said anything is keep an eye on the whole picture and you'll know what this stock is going to do before the street reacts.

      07/11/2001 25.950 66,058,000
      07/10/2001 39.020 22,016,000
      07/09/2001 43.760 12,568,000
      07/06/2001 49.630 4,422,900
      07/05/2001 53.380 2,752,600
      07/03/2001 55.920 2,172,900
      07/02/2001 57.100 2,202,900
      06/29/2001 57.100 3,881,200
      06/28/2001 57.210 3,705,000
      06/27/2001 56.220 3,964,200
      06/26/2001 56.480 3,602,000
      06/25/2001 56.800 4,388,900
      06/22/2001 57.810 6,474,600
      06/21/2001 53.790 7,357,000
      06/20/2001 53.130 6,406,800
      06/19/2001 53.600 7,151,200
      06/18/2001 56.020 5,428,400
      06/15/2001 59.930 6,013,100
      06/14/2001 58.710 4,988,800
      06/13/2001 61.880 4,857,100
      06/12/2001 65.910 5,128,700
      06/11/2001 66.880 2,640,000

    • First,

      The guys on this message board can't change anything with a stock like CMVT that trades 3M+ per day.

      Check the web site, select info quote on CMVT then check the short history.

      You will see the short interest for the last 12 months.

      Actually, last November the short interest fell big.

      The shorts know this company better than longs.

      Before the company warned last time, everything was looking great,
      the company gave gerat guidance but the short position swelled.

      Only few days later, the company warned and the stock fell from 65 to 20,
      for people with short memory.
      Thats is why they got class action against them.
      I'm planing to buy puts on Monday, when the market will reach its peak.
      The funds will everything they can to push or at least hold the market here at this levels until Q2 is over, so they can show great returns.

      Ask yourselves, your insiders and employees sold hard this week if everything is fine and dandy?

      I hope it gets to $17 by next Monday so puts will get cheaper to buy.

      The Gunner

    • thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt Jun 26, 2003 4:24 PM Flag

      They are the same person, which is why the old one can't be found anymore.

      Same old dog, same old tricks, just answers to a new name.

    • funny...your twin was saying the exact same thing back in Nov.

      to bad he has left this board for good since he was completly wrong...he might have been able to give you some advice!

    • thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt thanx_you_just_removed_all_doubt Jun 26, 2003 4:04 PM Flag


      If we "have to be an idiot to check short interest in Yahoo", then.....

      where exactly do YOU check for the Short Interest, and how often is that source updated?

      Rather than just appearing critical of others and negative, maybe you can provide us with some useful information.

      TIA for your detailed info and supporting links. :-)

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