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  • go_for_dividends go_for_dividends Oct 26, 2009 2:50 PM Flag

    I'm looking for real, long-term investments.


    I'm done supporting Wall Street Crooks, bailed out banks and over paid, over hyped CEOs.

    I found a couple good ideas here

    If you know any please post them.


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    • take a look at key.un--keyerqa facilities income trust. Mostly it trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange, but there is an otc symbol so it can be bought and sold here. It is in the midstream natural gas business, supplies the oil sands producers with dilulent so that the oil flows thru pipelines. It yields about 8.5%, but the best part is, management is brilliant. Despite paying that dividend, cash flow has grown about 25% a year over each of the last three or four years. The dividend goes up every year, and since their income is based on fees and not commodity prices, there is no commodity price risk. The price of the stock rises pretty consistently too, but it's by no mens out of reach. In 2011 it's going to turn in a regular corporation from a trust (as the result of a government mandate), but the dividend will be maintained or raised according to mqanagement. It's my #1 holding, I'm a total believer in the quality of management. Good luck.

    • go_for_divi:

      If you are looking for small cap value stocks, I would recommend FLXS, SCX, CUO and WAYN. These stocks are all very cheap comparing market price per share to book value per share and they appear to do their accounting conservatively. They qualify in most respects to the Ben Graham approach described in his book The Intelligent Investor. They will probably take a good deal of patience, but I have had considerable good fortune with this type of investing over many years. I own a lot of each of these stocks and expect to hold them for some time. I would hope that each will at least double during the next five years. No guarantees.

      If you want a high profile company and a high priced stock, you can buy BRKB. Again, I own a lot of this stock. You can be assured that Warren Buffett will not use his position as CEO to take advantage of you as a shareholder. His salary is $100,000 per year and he takes no stock options and gets no bonuses. Yes it is true. His salary has remained the same for decades.

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