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  • evilpumpers_u_r evilpumpers_u_r Apr 4, 2011 8:48 PM Flag



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    • Still like the stock, but TD Ameritrade won't let it be traded.

    • You're right. There were a lot of pumpers, as usual, when the stock shoots up and even some left when it was a roller coaster the last two weeks. Now that the stock has leveled there seems to be only bashers trying to influence traders to sell. Hopeless both of them.

      What the stock needs is exposure and PRs to drive it towards a predictable price level. We all know that the company is not the same after the reverse merger. Look at ALZM, the current honey jar being pumped. It too is a result of RM.

      CXLT is going to have a good 10Q but the PPS will have to stay withing a decent range for pumpers to come back and do their thing when the PRs resume. I personally look for a PR this week. But, I am neither a pumper or basher.

      I wish all of us good profits. GPTL.


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      • Olaf, you are either a dummy or a insider, I'm betting the latter because true dummies are hard to find. These smart operators realized that Groupon, who was first, gets the prize - all the mee-too's get the scraps (CXLT), but that does not mean they can't get a company quickly listed and sap the wannabee's for some serious cash over a few months, and then retire rich. How do you suckers feel now? You know who you are.. Hahahahahaha!!