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  • dinveko dinveko Sep 8, 2007 5:28 PM Flag


    people to rely on the opinion of company employees instead of P/E? Thanks, but I'll stick with P/E. I understand that as VMWare employee you have quite a number of VMW shares and thus is interested in the stock going up. The retail investor on the other hand has more options and have to think carefully.

    Your prediction about every computer eventually getting some virtualization layer might be correct. The problem is that it will be MSFT software coming for free (remember Netscape? - way hotter than VMWare). The type of virtualization that you described for casual PC user certainly does not need to be complicated and will be provided as a free service. For example, consider BackUp utilities. People get them for free (with OS) and have an option to buy special BackUp packages. How many users do buy them? Almost nobody.

    All this buzz about virtualization software replacing conventional OSes is pure nonsense. End users need e-mail, word processors, web browsers, graphical applications, games etc. Which of these come from VMWare?

    Your case about users using VMWare software for system backup also makes little sense. Once you removed the bloatware, you can simply backup your system and restore it in event of HD failure. VMWare has nothing to do with this. It benefits only some software developers and companies that need to maintain a variety of system configurations. This is not your typical PC user. In fact this is something opposite (regular users prefer stable environments)

    It is a well known issue that many employees trust their company's stock too much an then get burnt. So here is my advice to you. As soon as you can sell your options, do so (at least some). While there is a chance that VMW will become next Google, this chance is very slim (close to 0). Just look at how many companies went public in the last, say, 10 years, and how many of them had Google-like success. Name me ten such companies. Two? One? You'd be probably better off if you sold your VMW shares and buy some GOOG :-)

    Good luck.

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