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  • jinqiuluuu jinqiuluuu Sep 27, 2007 1:31 PM Flag


    Tuesday High $85
    Tuesday Low $82.19
    Tuesday Close $83.23

    Wednesday High $84.16
    Wednesday Low $82.26
    Wednesday Close $83.36

    Thursday High $84.05
    Thursday Low $82.05
    ***** Thursday Close $81.23 *****

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    • Tuesday High $85
      Tuesday Low $82.19
      Tuesday Close $83.23

      Wednesday High $84.16
      Wednesday Low $82.26
      Wednesday Close $83.36

      Thursday High $84.05
      Thursday Low $82.05
      ***** Thursday Close $83.12 *****

      Friday High $83.89
      Friday Low $82.50
      ***** Friday Close $81.12 *****

      Note Daily High is dropping like piggy..droppings from 85 to 83.89
      and daily lows is increasing

    • Hi Buyandby and stockalert,

      great posts from both of you. Thanks for putting it all in perspective. Great to have you both on the board! JT

    • Sorry, we closed at 83.12, and NOT 81.23. Nice try, shortie!

      Thursday High $84.05
      Thursday Low $82.05
      ***** Thursday Close $81.23 *****

    • where did you get those prices from?

    • It's amazing how many things are possible with the Blade/VMWare combo. For example each desktop could be a VM (VIrtual Machine) and merely login via a basic Shell from their desktop. Re-imaging machines would be a snap.
      As for Cytrix (a real tech/mgmt/user/accountant nightmare) basically that puts their market position in jeopardy.

      Also, if you take the average mid size company with 50-100 servers, some of which are only maximum 10-30% utilized at their peak, and not sustained usage, those systems could many be concentrated onto one or more blades and colocated with other VM's that are busiest at different times, so as to be very good placement partners.

      Sorry for those without a background in this, but what it means is that the largest expenditure in most companies, after payroll, is often IT. Server consolidations, reduction in energy costs, number of air conditioners, KVA of UPS, less expenses for more electrical wiring week-in week-out. This is like the holy grail for corporations, who have been looking for an eventual spending plateau in IT. Now costs can actually really truely, homest to goodness, cross my heart, go down.... significantly. When everyone realizes this and the myriad other possibilities with VMWARE and Blades, then the sky's the limit in terms of where this thing can mushroom.

      Sorry if I sound like a company salesman. I am definately not even associated with them.
      I am merely a very serious evangelist, because this is the hottest thing to hit IT, since the PC made every dot on the screen addressable. THIS IS THE NEW MAINFRAME ON A NO_FAT DIET.

    • "For", "With". It's all the same when it comes to you cheerleaders, good understanding of tech., but no clue when it comes to the stock market. It's going lower for now, just deal with it.

    • Great observation you freaking dope . I hope your short . See ya at the top

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      • I'm sorry I don't have any profanity or superfluous commentary to provide as seems to be the pattern by some posters, but I do have this to offer for what it's worth, from a technical side, by that I mean VMWare's technology, not the technical aspects of the stock:

        I have worked with VMWARE, I waited for years for it to mature into the wonderful product it is today, and I can tell you that the strength of it's product line is bigger than just allowing multiple Operating Systems to run on one server.

        VMWARE is a direct threat to most of Symantec's product line, in fact it makes them obsolete. Disk virtualization, server clustering, auto-failover, redundancy, monitoring performance mgmt, Ghosting server images is a simple 2 file copy with VMWARE. Symantec is the one that is set to lose the most by what VMWARE has, but the biggest hot thing about VMWARE is not just it's products. Paired with a Blade Server ( I believe IBM has the upper hand here among HP and dell Blade Server builders), it reduces Server/Computer room infrastructure by such an order of magnitude, that in conjunction with Blade Server(s) it represents the NEW MAINFRAME in a much more cheap and friendly implementation.
        This is a small list of what VMWARE reduces, and allows to be shared, lest you think it's just Server machines:

        1. Gigabit Ethernet shared among numerous blades, reducing switch/router purchases.
        2. fiber channel access to centralized storage virtually eliminating direct attached (read: wasted) storage) which centralizes management/recovery, security, and even backup.
        3. Fail over - VMW eliminates the need for fail over software such as Veritas Cluster Server, which is a joke. With VMW you can move a server from one physical blade or server to another in seconds, without any downtime, and virtually invisible to any of the users of that system.
        4. Upgrade management - With Blade Server chassis the prospect of upgrading to better/newer processors, and functions is as simple as sliding the new blade server into the chassis. With VMWARE working with Intel, this means the cohesiveness will speed the move from innovation to implementation.
        5. Infrastructure - the amount of power plugs, reduction in cost of cabling, for all things power, network, Fiberchannel, Cooling, and computer room floor space. I was able to take an acre of floor space in use, and justify the removal of all the other equipment down to a single rack, down from 150 servers and countless racks, and KVM's (Keyboard, Video, and Mouse sharing units ( so that each server doesn't have to have it's own of each of these devices, you just press a button to change the usage of those devices to a certain server). One rack for the Blade Servers, another for the Centralized Storage Server, and one rack for the entire Network, Core/Edge/DMZ routers, and switches, and reduce the amount of air conditioning power, UPS (Un-interruptable Power Supply) by an unbelievable amount, oh and best of all, with this reduction, you can get rid of the raised floor computer room, and put this pretty much anywhere.

        Pretty impressive?! Most people never hear this, so forgive me if I am off topic here, and sorry I couldn't come up with any 4th grade put-downs of anyone, or anything, I'm feeling too high on the fact that they created a VMW issue to trade : )

        As soon as everyone gets what this is, a true paradigm shit, this will sky rocket, and make Google look like an under performer. I would look for one of the Blade Chassis/Server builders (someone Blue prolly) to come along and grab a huge piece of this pie, if not the whole enchilada.

    • tcreate Sep 27, 2007 1:56 PM Flag

      Oh my gosh! Down Tuesday & Wednesday.

      Two days is a pattern?

      You truly are a fucking asshole.

    • Prices per Yahoo
      High Low
      9/24/07 $85.17 $80.32
      9/25/07 $85.00 $82.00
      9/26/07 $84.40 $82.11
      9/27/07 $84.05 $82.05

      looks like bullish flag pattern to me-breakout move 10% to upside?

    • Its called consolidation...follow the stock since day one and you'll see a better pattern.

      You are getting extremely close for an ignore since you are continually posting junk.

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