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  • lastoneoutshutthelightz lastoneoutshutthelightz Oct 24, 2007 6:35 PM Flag


    Trying to short this pos--you win longs, i give up.

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    • Thanks, JT.

    • Hi Stocker,

      I've had the same experience with other stocks tanking right after I buy them. I try to dollar cost average into them and DCA out of them too if I can control my emotions and greed. My learning curve has been slow but I'm getting better and making money. POT has been great - I rode it up on options from 200 on into the split and after up to 90, sold, then got back in at 100 recently again. POT and MON are often up against the market and are the first 'dogs' to feed on any positive sector news. They went up again today - dont' miss out - I expect all the ags to do well for a few years (POT, TRA, MOS, MON, CF, AGU all great plays) Good luck, JT

    • JT, I got in POT a year ago at $81 and it went down to mid $70 in a couple of days after I bought it. I took small profit right after it recovered back up to my cost with small profit. Since then I fought with myself not to get in POT by challenging POT's valuation and P/E and boy what a great mistake I made because POT has since went over $200 and splited and keep on going up none stop. Google, Apple and Rimm went through the same challenge and questions by the market with its valuation and P/E,but look at where they are now. I am not going to make the repeated mistakes again.

    • been there, hold on to your long position and be patient for longer than a week and you won't have to tell your wife bad news but celebrate your gains from investing in VMW. You might also try RIMM, NYX, NVDA, POT, TRA. Read the any board for the past week first and figure out who's done their HW (look for these posters) and who has not. Then see if you agree with their analysis and if so, invest and then stick to your guns making SURE to take some profits along the way. good luck with your investments.


    • You know? If I had a heart, I'd probably feel bad for you mindless shorts today, but since I don't I can honestly say, I feel nothing for you rejects. Instead you have my continued scorn and animosity for what you put this board through the last few months.

      Sorry for the bluntness, but that's the truth...


    • I fought with myself with the same question like you do as well. Benanke spoke of his great concern of inflation if the price of oil keeps on heading higher. I shorted stocks thinking that we are heading a recession the past few weeks and really got burned badly. I covered a few of them based on big losses,but only make a lot back by going long the other way around instead. Unfortunately that you and I only got to learn all these after suffering a lot of losses. However, I sincerely believe that you will soon make all the money back and over after this just like I do. Best of luck.

    • That's the saddest admission from a short I've read today. At least this imbecile had enough common sense to cover in after-hours before VMW runs up further tomorrow following some nice placed upgrades from these ANAL-ysts. Because after just finishing reading some of these preliminary comments from those Bozos I wouldn't be at all surprised if some of these guys upgrade the stock tomorrow morning as well as raise their target price.


    • Of course I knew that, but these aren't your typical times. Look at oil, if we're heading for a recession and the world's economies are expected to slow down further--including China, then why isn't it under $80 by now? These are crazy times there's no denying it, nothing makes any sense anymore so why should the dollar be any different. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the dollar will start spiking higher again anytime soon. No, I'm just repeating what I'm hearing from the hedge funds guys--that's all.

    • Welcome to the long side. Sorry about your losses, not that I am sorry about my gains in the least though : )

      So what are your thoughts? Are you out of your element now?
      Have you been on the short side of most investing, or just VMW?

      So are you a convert, or just short term bullish on this issue?

    • Now go long and make your money back.

      Trust me.


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      • I agree with you completely. That is exactly what I did. I covered my short based on losses and went long instead. Only a fool will fight with the big banks and the Fed. Banks have already swore the past few weeks that they will do whatever it takes to protect this financial investment market along with the strong commitment and speech from Benanke that he will do whatever it takes to protect the dollars and the U.S. financial market. All the banks have made so much money in the last 5 years from the housing market that although they will face to lose some big amount of money, but I have been told that it is just a drop in the bucket for them. The big guys will stay and have a big come back again. I finally learned and told myself that now in fact is the best time to get into some investment of some valuable companies and make some serious money in the future when finally this crisis goes away. Trust me, the crisis will go away. U.S. will stand again.

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