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  • It worries me to see so many posters on VMW board are all trying to pump this stock higher everyday even when there is total absence of good news happening everyday. I like VMW,but no longer feel comfortable about this stock with the none stop going up ever since the earning and the Marine deal. It is only healthy for this stock to pull back and adjust to its true value otherwise we are heading to a dangerous high risk here. Expectation is going to move higher and higher when the stock doesn't give a chance to pull back and adjust. It appears the stock price of VMW today no longer is backing up by the true investors, but mostly people who don't understand the VMW's business so well and dreaming to hit a jackpot overnight.

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    • does it really matter? enjoy the ride while it lasts!!

    • Look at VDSI. It was all hype and then BAM!!! It went down 37% for narrowly missing estimates.

    • This company, VMWare, allows multiple operating systems to be able to run off of one computer. I am not an IT guy or a computer software guy, but I am a Mechicanical Engineer, and what the first sentence means is that with less computers in a room running the less energy is required for air conditioning and overall power consumption. Additionally the less space in an office building that is not taken up with the infrastucture required to keep areas cool and to provided power with electricity is then available for rent. That means extra dollar$ in savings for a company or extra dollar$ for the landlord. Since VMW has a reported 5-6 year head start on its nearest rival I would say that this company will be in demand for years to come and be very profitable for years to come. So if you are worried about the stock price, do whatever makes you sleep well at night, but this looks like a great company and a great stock. BTW I bought on the first day 100 shares at $53.06 and needless to say I am very happy with my investment and I am in for the long haul. Sleeping well.

    • It worries me that people honestly believe its their duty to look after other people or need a nanny state. We are all adults. Living the capitalist life. Which I believe to be the best in the world. Many things in life are over priced. This is a legitimate product. It has sound brilliant Management and something that corporations want and need. No competition, small float, good revenue. Growth potential. I wasn't investing years ago when I should have, but I am sure the same nay sayers were talking about MSFT, Walmart, etc...Who's to say VMW doesn't one day have its own OS that replaces MSFT...Nothing stays the same. Good fortunes too you.

    • The price of VMW has not go up because the pumping of individual investors. The price of a stock goes up because of its earnings. If earnings are outstanding as in the case of VMW institutions are going to buy and then is when the price of the stock goes up. Of course that good news as the one of the Marines are going to give more fuel to the fire. I know that it seems incredible how the price of VMW has gone up in a short period of time but this is the case of winning stocks like Hans, Crox and so on... In the Street always there are winners and it seems that VMW is going to be one of them. Ah! If you read some of my posts here do not believe that I am pumping anything I am just excited to be how the dynamic of this stock behaves. Good luck in your investments.

    • "It worries me to see so many posters on VMW board are all trying to pump this stock higher everyday"

      do you really believe the people who post on here have that much of an influence on where this stock is going???

      .... then you DO NOT understand this company, and need to look outside the box!!!

      VMW does NOT need good news to keep it going, it speaks for its self!

      If you do not feel comfortable and confident about this stock, you should walk away!

      Good Luck to you on your next investment!
      Long and Strong and not looking for an over nite jackpot!

    • There is no such thing"true value" in stock market, it is supply and demand. As an investor, you should know valuation or doing some research. But as a trader, you don't need to know much those, just make sure you make money, and never fall
      in love any stocks.

    • Good statement

      I too see this as being irrational, although I am completley behind the firm and see them as a long haul great prospect.

    • I understand your analysis but people invests it because they believe what will happen. The stock price is always based on the supply and demand. My advise to you is that if you don't believe VMW any more, just unload it. This is a simplest thing to do.

    • short away! hee hee

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