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  • nuoninuo nuoninuo Nov 27, 2007 8:07 PM Flag

    go_shorty, your tool's thoughts for tomorrow?

    I'm pretty surprised that you are silent for the whole day. Come on, your and your tool have a lot respect on this board!

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    • That is what swayed me today. I heard that 3 Fed members said that they will vote "no" to ANY cut. Had to sell into rally after hearing that.

      I think they must be worried about decreasing the dollar, since the Arabs said they don't want USA currency.

      Anyways, with a deadlock on the vote, at best, there will be only a .25 cut. Not enough to promote liquidity.

    • go_shorty_aka_50_cent go_shorty_aka_50_cent Nov 27, 2007 10:34 PM Flag

      Just got back tonight.

      I see you guys are in a festive mood. I am happy for you guys. Don't laugh at me cause I bought in at 75.50 and sold at 77.76 stop loss. after that I have been out all day and night too.

      how can I ignore my biologist lady, right?

      I am glad that I was right on the money again and that VMW run up to 78.25 before minor profit taking.

      I must say...shorts learned their lesson for not respecting the real go shorty who is long on VMW at this level.

      But as mentioned before, I must tell it like it is cause my tool indicate a potential gap down (profit taking) to 76 and run down to 75 rather than a gap up to 80s.

      The fact that VMW traded weird today and that market helped pushed VMW higher, but the market will be hit tomorrow with another multi-billion dollar write down from WFC and Freddie Mac.

      Plus econ report from existing home sales, probably not going to be too good. Fed Vice Chair to speak in NYC about potential rate change? if he does not indicate a will be in another selloff mode.

      If the indication is a rate will contunue to rally.

      So gap down based on current futures trading negatively -450. as long as we do not see -900 or -1400 in futures, the gap down show be minor at 76 and then run down to 75.

      watch Nas carefully to determine if VMW can buck the trend and trade better than NAS. if not, we may even see 74 or lower cause my tool showed 72.60 this morning while there was a quote unfill at 72.89. so be very careful.

      watch futures and PM and show give you a better indication.

      my buy orders are set at 74 and then 73, hopefully we will not go lower than 72, but just filled that 72.89.

      best of luck to all

    • Hes probably out with the biologist

71.55+0.86(+1.22%)Jul 22 4:02 PMEDT