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  • go_shorty_aka_50_cent go_shorty_aka_50_cent Dec 5, 2007 3:05 PM Flag

    I am back in with you guys again 90.68

    all 10K shares. how is everyone holding up? good? we really needed that minor profit taking to move forward to a higher level.

    I am glad I am back in with ya

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    • wrong time to jump in; bearish engulfment candle today marks a sure bearish reversal. short at the open tomorrow.....down for sure...never fails....easy money.

    • Shorty, i thought u promised to disappear. u r funny guy. stay around, we can use your humor.

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      • dude...I said I disappear if VMW never made 98. it did made 98 in open market trading and then 98.50 in premarket. of course I deserve to be here.

        also, I warn people about VMW heading to 93 and then 90 and then 89 in which I bought 10K shares at 90.68 and then 5K shares at 89 and sold 5 K at 90.28 and then sold 10K shares at 92 in AH.

        Don't ask me how, but it just happen because someone desperately want my shares.

        I am trying to find out if I can get back in cheap before this VMW gap up tomorrow. the sudden run up towards closing was a positive move for all longs. and the AH buying interest, plus my shares got executed at 92 is a definite confirmation of gap up tomorrow.

        don't ask me how I got the 92, but I am going to try to get back in now at 90.60 cause its trading lower again on the ask.

        this is so weird. I have been trading for over 18 years and this is the first time that this had occur. I mean before...I know and have shared with other on this board that you can set to sell at the ASKing price rather than the BID price because when people pay the ASKing price for your shares, you get the ASKing price in return, rather than what your dumbass brokers told you to sell at the BID and buy at the ASK.

        Those brokers does not know shit because I have tried my way of trading in AH and it works for me. But this sold at 92 on 10K shares while the ASKing price went from 90.79 to 90.89. NOW THAT IS A FIRST one for me.

        believe it cause it is crazy ass wall st. dang!!!!!


    • who the f*ck cares whether you're in or out. Got lost you day trader!

    • me sold 5000 shares at 90.28 me keep the rest to ride with you

    • this one caught me by surprise for sure. but it should be back to 90 today and then 92 tomorrow.

      me bought more at 89.28. biggest position ever with total 15000 shares. fuck me.


    • Me think shorty made a mistake.

    • Shorty, may I ask how long you have been trading and how you pick your stocks? I know you've got your "tool." You've made good calls and I like your level-headed posts. Me still need to learn how to short. I'm only on buy side for now.

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      • 18 years.

        I have been playing both sides of the market. I even started shorting VMW today, but I dare not to get greedy with shorting VMW. is went down huge, but other days, it bounced so high UP in the shorts' asshole. so you may want to be very careful with which stock you short.

        instruction on how to short a stock.

        1) you need to go to your local branch or have your broker send you a margin acct form. sign it and send it back to your broker.

        2) you need to understand the stock (say VMW)'s support and resistance level in comparison to the over all market indexes. knowing the direction of the market and the stock is the key to daytrading (short or long).

        3) trade within your means so that you won't panic and make emotional trade decisions

        4) know the stock spread and price range and volume and set your daily trade goals and follow them. be displine.

        5) I have a tool to use and its proven success for me. so you need to find yourself a proven tool too.

        6) I would not suggest shorting VMW cause today...its 30% TA and 70% luck cause who would have thought that the market is up 49 while VMW backers decide to take some profit in a up market.

        short at 97ish is a 70% confirmed no brainer, but to ride all the way to 90 or 89, fuck...I did not even expect that to happen, thus I had covered way too early and short VMW conservatively.

        Thus...if you are not watching VMW by the tick...then best not to short it. I can only see the direction of the stock and the market as it happens and then make a precise decision to get back in to short or long the stock.

        with that said...good luck to you. Now while I am replying your msg, VMW went up on me from 90.60 to 90.89 on the ASK. I guess I am gong to pay 3900 extra to get back in. thank you so much for the extra costs. : )

      • Why would you look to a trader whose picks lose more than 50% of the time. Don't expect to get good advice on a message board.

        aka_shorty should be known as aka_phoney.

    • You're so full of feces. Why don't you just get lost. No one believes your constant bullsh*t.

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