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  • fu_king_phat fu_king_phat Dec 12, 2007 12:40 PM Flag

    Why this virtualize stock so much cost?

    I know my stock since I study at Long Fang University in degree of finance. My question is why is this VMW virtualize so much cost. There is lot of other company with this software and mean competition is everywhere. My education tell me this is too expensive price for junk stock like this. My valuation technique is yield of price $26.13 fair value for VMW.

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    • Great analysis of VMware and virtualization! I can tell you are quite conversant on the subject. Please, post more often. This board desperately needs informed voices.

      You mentioned the use of hosted virtualization, and I thought I might respectfully bring to your attention VMware ESX Server. It does not use hosted virtualization, but it's own kernel dedicated to minimize context (what VMware calls "world") switches. This is the product that has everyone buzzing and the sales going up. You might find it interesting, I hope you look into it.

    • Mod +1 for sense of style!

    • Dude,

      I am going to have to use my sense of humor for your post. So here I go! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are a non-Asian guy trying to sound like you have a little authentic broken English. That's why you got to mention that phony school to try and give yourself Asian credibility.

      Look. Did you listen to the last CC? This company did not want to give any future guidance. If VMW management thought they were going to have awful quarters to come I think they would have felt obligated to make sure to let us know.

      This past summer I spoke with a salesman for EMC about his opinion on VMW. He stated that EMC is supposed to be the better stock to invest in and that VMW virtual ware has "only just begun."

      So, VMW is going to do good, but we just do not know how astronomically good.

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      • I was just about to type the same thing...
        his name pretty much says it all.

        Fuc& you king fat... geesh how original is that?

        I'd say a non-Asian his creds from watching Bruce Lee movies.
        He's a short plain and simple trying to stir the pot and stringing you guys along so he can give tbe longs something to talk about.

        Great job defending your opinions everyone.

        But just put him on ignore, he doesn't deserve this much attention.

    • Because unlike 98.2% of the idiots investing in this stock some of us actually understand the tech market, work in the IT industry and were waiting like panthers on a lamb for this stock to go public. (We bought at $50 =/- a few dollars) If you don't understand why this stock has been heading north like crazy... Please sell or talk to a few IT people.

      The number of people that think they can beat the market by merely looking at Cash flow, P/E, competitive offerings, Balance Sheets, Moving Averages, Income Statements, Etc. absolutely mystify me. Everyone else has that knowledge, what makes you think you'll do any better? What you have a finance degree?

      Yes I have a finance degree too... Whoopee... That's table stakes. To be in this market you need to do your homework. Heck at least you could watch the company's roadshow and understand that they know where the competitors are. Oracle IS NOT a competitor... sheesh, do you even understand why they aren't? Microsoft is and wont release for 2 years. Citrix is a competitor but thier interface is crap and they don't support as well as VMW, IBM is a competitor but is going to have to cede this area to either MS, VMW, or XenHypervisor (Take a guess on that one). And for those Open source Granola crunchers... Come on, this is capitalism, too many cooks (Devs out there, and no one to test if the product is good).

      So for those of you that think VMW has any serious competition PLEASE Talk to IT people. Find out why major companies are starting and staying with VMW. If you don't understand the time and money for Switching costs, also DO NOT BUY THIS STOCK! You don't have the knowledge for the market.

      People make money in Google, Apple, and VMW because they understand where the long term gains are, they see where the market is headed and then check management and how they manage the balance sheets, cash flow, and how they disperse the wealth. For those Shorts out there (Good Job) you've made a nice hedge on this guy if you've called out the volatility that comes from lots of uneducated buyers running for the next .boom. (just cover your shorts and you'll do great) *but I wouldn't bet on this thing coming back to 50.

      For those of you who looked at the current virtualization market, are you totally unaware of the world market? Look at the companies who've recently adopted the technology (Big Names). If they are just getting into the game, what does that tell you about growth?

      Lastly, a final litmus test. If you don't know the advantage that server level virtualization affords to .com companies performing web upgrades... GET OUT. If you do... you've already bought the stock and I'm just preaching to the Choir.

      - Im not a guru, I just know Tech.

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      • called yourself Exec MBA?

        Market Cap (intraday)5: 38.00B
        Enterprise Value (13-Dec-07)3: 37.32B
        Trailing P/E (ttm, intraday): 198.46
        Forward P/E (fye 31-Dec-08) 1: 85.54
        PEG Ratio (5 yr expected): 2.75
        Price/Sales (ttm): 33.25
        Price/Book (mrq): 30.84
        Enterprise Value/Revenue (ttm)3: 32.65
        Enterprise Value/EBITDA (ttm)3: 129.583

      • So what you work IT industry? You see economy in trouble? I have friend in IT and he says VMW is junk stock. He said me that real company don't use virtualize for mission critical application only for junk they no care. You say Microsoft is going to be competition then why you pay so much for stock? You need finance to understand stock, not your IT sitting lazy bum at computer all day.

    • It costs this much because we cunning capitalists know much, much, more than you could ever hope to learn from your evil Red Comrades at Long Yang university.

    • Haha Long Fang University, too funny. More like $126.13 fair value!

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