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  • comu9 comu9 Dec 20, 2007 7:23 PM Flag

    anyone get in on netsuite ipo?

    If you did, congrats! I sadly did not , but wish I did!

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    • YAY! I in at 26. I ended up selling it after hours and to take my 10 point profit. I'm a fairly new trader, so I'm a little gun shy, plus I really didn't do my homework on the stock. I've learned from my experience in VMW and some others not to get greedy, though I really expect it to continue to have a nice ride in the next week or so. I expected from the buzz around it that it would rise because of human nature's greed to get in on the action, not because of its balance sheet or what it is expected to do.

      I'm trying to stay disciplined and have an exit point whenever I go into a stock, to help take out the emotion. (That tends to bite me in the butt, as I found out with my experiences here in VMW)I know it was probably way too early, but I'm happy to to be getting my end of year stock market experience in the Black for a change!!

      I don't have the big capital to buy (and be prepared to lose) large blocks of stock, so I only use money that is not geared for personal expenses or savings. In VMW, I made quite a bit quickly, but then erased a LOT of it almost as fast!! (And to the Shorts on this board... you're welcome, since I'm sure your thankful for people as naive as me) I am finally ahead again by being consistent in my entry and exit points in my various trades.

      I consider the money I lost as my tuition to learn the nuances of trading! I'll get there yet.

      I still believe money is to be made in VMW. It just needs to have a solid track record of profits for the naysayers to finally believe it's a viable product, regardless that there are competitors. But then the naysayers are making money being negative, so I guess they will never go away. Otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time being negative here.

      Anyway, good luck to those in N and especially good luck to those here that believe in VMW!

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      • Getting 10 points is better than losing 10 points. What do you have to be upset about?

      • Here2, keep in mind there's a difference between investing and trading.

        Traders tend to focus on the stock's performance (or lack thereof) and overall emotions, either in the stock or the market. Their time frames are also usually near and mid-term outlooks. Traders are also quick to pull the trigger and move on.

        Investors, however tend to focus more on fundamentals than the technicals and emotions. They buy the stock for the long(er) term and tend not to react quickly to near and mid-term movements.

        That said, you need to decide when you put your money on the line, - are you a trader or an investor. You might change your perspective over time on an equity, but you need to be prepared take the appropriate action (trade or invest) without remorse. That is, set your goal, assess each of your holdings accordingly and act appropriately when your goal is achieved or you determine it won't be.

        Remember too, these message boards are filled with a diverese membership. Opinions are plentiful. Some you'll find incitefull, others less so. You'd be wise best to listen, question, and filter them accordingly as you discover those who meet or fail to meet your needs.

        Good luck in your education - hopefully your tuition has great returns.

    • got in at 26.46 so I was close!!

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