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  • goodchoice7 goodchoice7 Jan 18, 2008 6:48 PM Flag

    Who said we had 6 good years?

    To me it was only 2 years good with President Bush (2005 and 2006). 2004 was still not easy to find a job until 2005. Started from 2007 up to now, things are getting ugly. But with President Clinton, we had 10 straight good years. Do you see, smart President is so important for American peoples? Forget the politicians, parties or someone from the organization who would give you tiny tax break but you couldn�t even feel it was there for you; just choose the smart one who is more care of American peoples instead of far away Mideast peoples and themselves. $300 to $800 Tax break can't compensate our big loss here.

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    • We have too many sheeple in America. Most working Americans are content so long as there is take-out pizza and beer. All they want is to come home, sit on their lazy ass, flick on thir remote and watch mindless television shows. Ignorance is bliss!

      Wake me up when folks are ready to revolt. I'm ready to exercise my 2nd amendment rights to protect my 1st amendment.

    • All you bozos who give Clinto the credit for the good years forget that it was Reagan and Bush Sr. that set the table
      for a good economy. Clinton was so disappointed with his
      staff, he fired them after the first 2 years, and hired a strategist for the Republicans. He was also responsible for ignoring the first terrorist attack at WTC in 1993, and adding insult to injury, reduced the military to a point where we were vulnerable. Lastly, for all you Clinton groupies, may I remind you the stock market crashed May of 2000 when Clinton was still in office? It proceeded to go down for at least 2 more years. It was Bush that enabled Americans to own their homes and have more disposable income, and increased jobs. 4.4% unemployment is NOTHING in the big picture. It is the Democratic Congress that spends spends spends, doesn't want to defend America. The moment we pull out of Iraq, Al Queyda moves in and targets the USA. Wake up already.

    • Its simple bro.

      clinton was a boy...a geeza...da man
      straight up from the heart good guy

      thats why it was good.

      bush (like his dad) was and is about money and power for his own (and click's) personal gain. Whole world saw it, but you guys just caught on. The war's cost trillions - that same money that the markets being fleeced for now.

      bush-cheyney-rumsfeld robbed and lied to the good people of america and caused the incredible problems that the whole world now faces.

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