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  • artismr artismr Jan 28, 2008 11:57 PM Flag

    this is rediculus

    valuation was based on growth and product. Growth is slowing, competition is on its way. Who cares what the product was...

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    • VMW has an 18 month lead. That means they have a year and a half to help build out as many data centers as they can. And it's not as if somebody catches them at 18 months and 1 day. VMW is still moving forward while the competitors chase.

      If you're running a data center, and things are working well, why on earth would you switch vendors? Might there be just a tad of downside to disrupting the architecture at that stage?

      And the hardware vendors? They're not manufacturing hw for Oracle.

      VMW will take its lumps, but the so called threat of competition just isn't there.

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      • digitalsubscribers---its obvious you don't understand market dynamics. You do understand virtualization is a new growing sector but what you don't understand is that not everyone is using this technology. So maybe VMW will grow its current client base but that doesn't mean new clients won't sign up with MS, Oracle or the 100 other providers down the road. Yes VMW dominates current customers and it would be dumb for them to move the big ship but new clients should be your concern.

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