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  • guitar_player909 guitar_player909 Feb 22, 2008 12:15 PM Flag

    When can Insiders start SELLING?

    IPO + 180 days ?


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    • Pros) Good product, competition not even close, fast growth.

      Cons) High valuation, slowing economy, recession, bear market.

      Enough said. The cons have it. This stock will continue to head lower in this environment. If you can deal with it fine, if holding this at 40 makes you nervous and sick then sell.

    • It's a free service! If I can help someone breathe a little easier, then all is well.

    • Have been reading the post. I just bought into VMW today at $56 of 350 shares. Hope they pan out and live up to the hype. The 52 week low is at $48 and I was going to wait until it hit its low before I jumped in but I pulled the trigger and now its time to wait.GOOD LUCK to all Maybe we will make a little cash for our pockets.

    • fu- boy your people are really on board big time.

      I am grateful that you atre here and posting. Many here including myself are just investors.

      You are an investor who is " living" the product.

      Your input is sooooooooo valuable.

      You could be MVP- Most Valuable Poster

      Also being my friend Maxine's therapist is a good deed. Do you take Oxford?

    • stockguy115,

      I can tell you without any reservation there is no competition, and there is no product close to what VMware does.

      Yes, our company is feeling the pinch. Our Sales are down; nonetheless, our company has $300K budgeted this year just for EMC and VMware projects alone. My CIO plans to virtualize 95% of our data center.

      In fact, I just gave a VMware presentation this afternoon to members of my team who aren't up to speed on VMware products.

    • Looks like we will be in this for a while! My "losses" are only on paper. One person I talk to on another board calls then my "tuition" for the stock market university. I sort of subscribe to the idea that the market will start looking up by June. Hope VMW picks up by next earnings.

    • Maxine,

      Sorry to hear about your financial losses.

      I nuts. My motto in life is to go down with the ship. That's just me. I still have 200 shares of csco when it splitted 1 for 2 in 2000. I rode it down from $86 (after the split)to under $10 and still riding it. csco is the only stock in my porfolio that hasn't yet recovered.

      I still have slightly over 1K in shares...bought back after my initial sell off.

      400 at $111
      400 at $91
      200+ at $79

    • but i also got some at 79 and so 2/3, 79 1/3, 52 Av.price 70. I will hold... I don't like losses. They are messy! How much are you in at now? Any or just watching?
      I saw your post about selling at 114. great move!

    • You did better than me. I got in on day 2 at $55.

      The entire market is taking a beating. I learn through my experience NOT to sell at a loss unless that is something wrong with the company.

      For example, I took a $40K haircut and sold LFC at a loss in 2004 after its ipo. Had I held on to it, I would been up 600% even at today's price. This is one example of my many bailing.

      10 times out of 9, I do better when I ride it out.

    • 2nd day 52.71

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