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  • mighty_dildo mighty_dildo Jul 22, 2008 6:30 PM Flag

    How many times I have to tell you?

    STOP feeding your employees. They don't deserve FREE meals. You ain't no Google so STOP acting like one.

    Sick and tired of you guys draggin EMC down. Maybe it's time to trim some fat?

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    • So, has the cost cutting started yet? If not, when?

    • Now, we're all agreed on that ... let the cost cut begins.

      EMC stock will get back up to 20+ with VMW cost cutting!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry to hear your world sucks.

    • am i angry -yup. its kind of an east coast thing. i was at the home depot and the guy that ran the flooring department said the same thing of his employees that they ARE the company hey thats nice. i also know a guy his name is aboo and he is from india he said that his brother works for a large publicly traded software co. in india do you know how hard the people work there...very hard. do you know what he makes ...not much. thats who you are competing with oh and in india the employer doesnt have to make sure the employtess "feel positive about themselves". hows the vmw foot print in india i wonder ? point is save the company save yourself because aboos brother will do your job for a donkey chip. welcome to my world. i know it sucks...

    • alkmdgh - you sound angry - are you?

      My point of view had to do with employee management and the culture in software development.

      Cutting costs to improve the bottom line are important - but sometimes doing so is negative. For companies whose primary product(s) are software their greatest asset is the employee (or rather their knowledge and creativity). All of us can be replaced, whether we're code monkeys or widget makers - but for now, at least until software engineering technologies match manufacturing ones - the intelligence of a software product resides in the intellect of the software engineers, making them the vital asset - not the pc or tools they used to code.

      As for being a Gen-Xer. Sounds like a lot of fun. Actually, sounds a lot like what we did in college back in the 70's - or at least that what I think we did, I can't remember.

    • spoken like a true gen-x-er. boy are you in for a rude awakening. go pluck your eyebrows on your own time. "just keep me fed and happy and i will work for you" ..ya know what kid you and your pot smokin buddys had better start pumpin code and i mean at light speed ....or.... you get fired. simple right ? so unless you want to end up back in your mamas basment playing video games i suggest you start doin the emc firewalk and maybey just mabey your stock options might be worth somthing someday and you can go buy that hybrid car the tight ass girls are so impressed with oh and one more thing you and your buddys had better stop shorting this stock remember what happend in 2000 dickheads like you they are now 9 to 5 wage slaves are ya feelin me now ?

    • VMW's products and value are intellectually based. That is, the value is in the people who produce the products. In software development, there is only minor value in the machines and tools used (pc's and software) to develop software products. Rather, the value lies in the the intellectual capital, aka people who design and create the products. An investment in the people which improves morale and employee retainment returns a higher ROI.

      Or to look at it from the cost side - if the cost of those meals is $35m per year ($15 per day per 7500 employees) - as one person noted, it costs six times as much if you lose one hour of productivity per employee per day. (7500 employees * 1 hour * 240 workdays * $100 per hour loaded salary cost per employee = $180m per year).

      Keep me happy, fed, and feeling positive about myself and my job - I'll easily work that extra hour per day (and probably more).

    • Even if it cost 15$/day to feed them, they will be happier, more productive and healthier...I bet the return outweighs the costs easily. Not to mention that employees are less likely to take time to go somewhere else for food which is likely time they would charge to the company. I see this as good value and wish my employer would do it.....can barely type this I am so hungry and starting to fade mentallly.........going to have to cut day short or fall asleep....

    • Not long ago when I was looking for a job, I was considering working for VMW. Good thing it didn't happen.

      And you're correct. Their break room is just like Google's break room ... full of all you can eat food and drinks. And yes, I also interviewed with Google as well.

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