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  • sa94me10yrs sa94me10yrs Apr 23, 2009 4:51 PM Flag

    Are the growth days gone and why?

    Looks like the double digit growth experienced in the past is abating. Why? Could it now be Hyper-V and XenServer? Who else is lurking out their like 3rd party providers? Remember now that EMC still owns a supermajority of the shares and guess what? Revenues are down sequentially 9%, the first time ever. Could new product technology be on the forefront with customer deferring investments until a new cutting edge solution is offered as a virtually free solutions where software drives software from a web based environment? Something big is on its way...

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    • I see al of you make a living trading the market. So where you al the brain surgeons telling everyone to jump on board when this pupy was in the 70's?. Same technology. why a different price? Do any of you actually know how to price a stock or you just know technology? I wish they made every poster post his 2008 brokerage results before he was allowed to post. Otherwise he should just be listening and not talking, much les putting other people down. But what do I know, I am just a day and swing trader who follows market momentum. By the time you guys finish reading yur 10-Q. Ive already moved onto another stock. Who cares what this company does. Is it going up or down!!!!!?

    • Nitwit,
      Revenues are down due to a financial meltdown that has every customer scared to spend any money whatsoever. Meanwhile, services revenue increased. And Hyper-V and Xenserver still aren't selling worth a damn, despite MSFT fiction videos. No new product technology provides what VMware does.

    • Tech always has been pyrite, it just took time for the demand curve to catch up to the uselessness of gadget, hardware, & software addiction.

      Give me a room full of engineers with slide rules and brains over a supercomputer any day; after all who serves who?

    • There are a couple of reasons.

      As a reseller of VMware, the margins we get from VMware are terrible. As a result, most resellers are not spending as much time trying to push it. VMware started to push enterprise licenses and their salespeople push this on the resellers customers. So the reseller is hurt in the process. Selling of the enterprise license is a panic idea that resulted from the belief that the crap Microsoft product would hurt their sales. I hear no one looking at MS for virtualization. So when the customer starts looking at enterprise, it stops the sales of individual license which can really add up over time. With the economy down, they don't have the money for enterprise, so the sales slow or stop. It's that damn EMC sales mentality that hurts EMC and VMware since most of the VMware pukes came from EMC and their reputation among customers stinks.....push, push, push for sales at any expense. Irritate the customer as long as we get sales. May work for the hardware, but not for software sales like this. VMWare needs to change how they do business - period - that's whats causing decline in sales.

    • Astute observation. The growth may just be gone due to newer and leading edge technology. Company was a better play before it was bought out by EMC.

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