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  • msnapp82 msnapp82 Oct 7, 2010 10:34 AM Flag

    Worth 54

    That's my metric.

    Why worth 54? Intel a few weels back said tech spending at the enterprise level is sluggish. This means no growth.

    And earnings? If forward guidance is anything less than perfect, the price will plunge.

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    • my life has the same status as before, why would you have the audacity to think you can effect me or VMW for that matter?

      It's just real fun poking fun as the jargon people push to buy/sell a stock... it's clear you don't understand the cloud space... I know, it's a hard topic but some us may have managed to get our PHD in the topic matter.

      LOL, your head doesn't fit your shoulders too well :p

    • LMAO, this is just about as made up and as stupid a post as I could have read today! LMAO

    • OK, my number means nothing. Do you feel better? Is your life now complete?

    • those are all good points and I would hazard a guess and say that's what spooked a lot of people... I don't debate those... mainly because I dont debate ifs, mights or coulds.. that's all I heard from you.. if it does that, it could happen, it might do that so I put a $54 price on it .. LOL, really? Come on!

      Take notice, some of us took advantage of the fall and some of us think it's going even higher...

      30% fall is a dream because it's a number you pulled out of the air! it means nothing!

    • You have to figure that 30% of the current stock price is due to the "cloud" craze. People who don't even know that the cloud is are buying into it. I love a momentum play as much as the next guy, but you have to see it for what it is -- ride the stock if it's going up, but don't ever believe the hype.

    • your "metric" = turtle fart

      at $54 you would say it was worth $24 and at $24 you would say it is worth $10...

      You're short, you have to feed yourself this drivel to keep your sanity :) Let's not delude yourself!

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