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  • dusty_brandy dusty_brandy Oct 19, 2010 1:24 PM Flag

    VMWare is alive and well

    For the NON-IT people on the board, we (IT People) think VMware is the best thing since sliced bread. I own the stock and will continue to be a long. BTW, VMware has no competition other than wanta-be's.

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    • Satan here...

      Call us anything you want, but don't mess with Applebees, the crown jewel of emc borders.

      Now don't you have some SLA's to review? Don't want to be unprepared for the next IT staff meeting.

    • What happen Satan? Did you get fired from Applebee’s and now you’re a day trader? I heard McDonalds is hiring fry cooks. You will probably be better off there. At least you won't be losing so much money shorting VMW.

    • Satan here...

      And yet this stock has taken an NFL caliber hit to the head this past fews days. So much for the IT influence on the stock price.

      Now back to your cube, there's some coding left for you to do. Reports must be submitted on time.

    • I am sure you have a hard time figuring out how to work a PC but i will try to break it down for you. VMware allows US (IT People) to save on cooling, electricity and consolidate many virtual servers on one piece of hardware (A Server for the IT illiterate). In doing so, WE save millions of dollars. So why don't you think we will continue to buy this product??? If you had a clue, you would be a long!

    • Satan here...

      You must like stale moldy bread.

    • Satan here...

      Whoa there cowboy, WTF is wrong with drinking and shorting vmw?


      BTW: The vmw Pump and Drill Team lost their bagspipes and drummers yesterday due to budget cuts cause by excessive EE stock option expenses. Kazoo players are all that's left.

    • Hi Jelly,

      Q3 2010 vs Q3 2009 -- 46% revenue growth

      How does that number tell you that rev growth is slowing?

      then he says

      Q4 2010 vs Q4 2009 -- 30% revenue growth

      How does that number tell you that rev growth is slowing?

      The answer to both question is.. they don't.

      What he says is;
      Because growth in Q3 grew at 46% and growth in Q4 grew at 30% that growth was slowing. This is asinine... you simply can not compare Q3 to Q4 to make that statement.

      The proper path here is ;
      compare growth in quarter X in 2008/2009 to Quarter X in 2009/2010.

      I hope that's clear.

    • First of all, I am long the stock... Don't automatically label me a short and disregard what I say.

      Secondly, you were asked to reread the post in question. Obviously you did not do that because you keep reiterating the same mistake.

      Here is the post... verbatim...

      Q3 2010 vs Q3 2009 -- 46% revenue growth
      Q4 2010 vs Q4 2009 -- 30% revenue growth

      You see? Where is my foot? Do you longs actually look at numbers ever?

      Now, you see, he actually DID compare YoY and NOT QoQ.

      I'm new to this board, and am still trying to figure out who has useful information. I think you owe this person an apology.

    • likewise, and for your sake, I hope you're the atypical VMW short....I mean imagine if you were the typical!

      keep up the good work :)

    • no.. last thing I want is to do is help you lose/gain money.. you're irrelevant :)

      You know of one trade.. I am long VMW.. so short the hell out of it... keep shorting as much as you can .. that is if you believe your own reasoning! It would be a pity if all this conviction on your part was for some measly 500 shares short!

      I strongly recommend it, consider it a private recommendation just for you.

      BTW, if you don't still get it, to show a slow down in growth rate,

      you compare the Q3 growth between 2008/2009 to Q"3" growth rate 2009/2010...

      What you can't do is to compare it to Q4!

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