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  • vmw_to_200_next_year vmw_to_200_next_year Jul 22, 2011 2:30 PM Flag

    vSphere 5.0 = Bust!

    What I said are facts, but not assumptions.

    I reiterated them in

    Clearly, you need to figure out certain things about vSphere 5.

    If vSphere 5, as you claimed, isn't a major upgrade with little to nothing for those who are not big companies, then don't upgrade to vSphere 5.

    A vSphere 4 contract doesn't cover upgrade to vSphere 5.

    The initial number got from focus group, 98%, is quite close to the more recent 95%. "5.7 virtual hosts to physical server"? You mean per pCPU, right? Care to explain your outrageous claim of 12:1? Are you serious???????

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    • The big features I need to figure out are in enterprise plus hence my referencing the "big boys". vMotion is improved for all versions but the really cool stuff is reserved for the premium license holders.

      When VMW EOL's v4 in two years many will be forced to upgrade regardless of desire to maintain compliance.

      I am very serious about density. Dual physical cpu with 96gb or higher used capacity is not rare. A few years ago it was not now and is the exact reason VMW was worried and changed the licensing model. They just went overboard on the greed. Loyal customers are price insensitive to a point and VMW blew that point out of the water

      In regards to the sns contract you are wrong again. The below is taken word for word from the contract.

      ***VMware offers Support and Subscription (SnS) contracts with software license purchases. If you choose to purchase a SnS contract with your product, you receive new version upgrades of that product free under the Subscription component of SnS. This free offer continues until the contract expires, unless you renew the contract.

      For example, customers with valid Support and Subscription are entitled to receive any new major and minor releases made generally available by VMware.

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      • Let me help to clear up those things.

        If you go back about 4 years, a processor supported fewer cores, and much less memory. Servers are getting much more sophisticated and powerful. One server can be like a few "old" servers. So, it makes sense for VMware to change its licensing model, though limits set are debateable. Otherwise, VMware is getting much less for helping its customers to do the same workloads. Unlike before, the licensing model sets no limit on number of cores per processor, also no limit on vRam per host. These changes/improvements are not just for "big boys". Of course, we all know that vMotion and Storage motion are getting nicer not just for "big boys".

        Again: A vSphere 4 contract doesn't cover upgrade to vSphere 5. What you mentioned was basically from vSphere 4 licensing. It said that "One of VMware Support and Subscription is the entitlement rights to new features and upgrades. Existing VMware Infrastructure 3 customers who have active Support and Subscription (SnS) contracts will receive new vSphere licenses at no extra charge". It also gave specific upgrading path from VI3 to vSphere 4.

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