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  • acetechinvestor acetechinvestor Jan 31, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    VMW Dominance ?


    I have been working on a project where we talked to 100 Fortune 1000 firm's IT executives regarding cloud and virtualization. I have a brief synopsis of some of the data below that is not confidential. After summarizing the results (below are the parts that could be shared), I am extremely bullish on VMW.

    Given this data, I would love to know if this data is factored in the current price. If not how can this be used to figure out a target price - thoughts anyone?

    Exec sum excerpts


    1. 100% of the companies we spoke to are using virtualization!
    2. 92% have deployed VMware today.
    3. 82% claims that VMware is the best solution today
    3. 63% want another competitor to develop an equal or product
    4. Most companies are between 15-30% virtualized today (the highest was 67%, lowest <5%)
    5. 73% said that virtualization had a significant impact in reducing their costs, (12% said it increased costs)
    6. Biggest benefit - reduced datacenter costs, second biggest benefit - reduced IT costs due to standardization.
    7. 52% have a virtualization first policy in place today

    1. 4% were using a public (e.g. Amazon) cloud today
    2. 39% have a cloud initiative in place that revolves around building an internal cloud - key issue was lack of management tools
    3. 2% have deployed a private cloud today

    1. 87% agreed that VMWare is the market leader ("Microsoft of the virt space").
    2. 52% thought that VMware charges way too much for the software, and 30% thought they charged a reasonable amount.
    3. 76% said that VMWare is critical to their growth plans over the next 3 years
    4. 37% said that they expect their VMware expenditures to more then double within 3 years, 27% said they did not know, 14% said it would remain about the same, only 3% said it would reduce

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