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  • nitesurfa nitesurfa Oct 18, 2012 8:32 AM Flag

    I work in sales in this industry and bought VMW yesterday at $88 and this is why......

    In the last two months I have seen most of the vendors I work with start offering their products on Virtual Machines. Up until now the big play on Virtual Machines has been consolidation of business applications and cloud computing.

    What I am seeing in the larger picture is a lot of the manufacturers porting their code to the VM environment. Most of the manufacturers still prefer that we sell their appliances but a lot of the bigger enterprises are pushing for virtual instances and it's forcing the manufacturers to comply.

    Bottom line is I have seen over 80% of the top manufacturers moving to the virtual world. Some to be on the leading edge and provide what he customer is asking for and obviously a lot are moving to keep up with their competitors.

    VM Ware isn't the only player but it's the dominant player so I'm all in...

    Good luck to everyone and please do your own research as this is just my view and I'm no stock analyst.....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • While what you said is correct also note that IBM is not a threat to VMW and nor is CSCO, no matter who CSCO finds as a partner to take on EMC/VMW.. They just dont have the product or the skills to get into this space, they have been wasting money trying to get into this space for over 8 years at least , I know because i too work at a very senior level in EMC and EMC will never give the keys to its product to csco no matter what happens..

      Th eonly other option for CSCO is to buy EMC at $35 a share they have the cash, but Chambers does hav ethe guts to make this kind of spend..

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